As Long As You Love Me

Selena has 17, and his father is controlling her LIFE! She is tired but she can´t do anything! Now his father took a new decision, and she has to choose between distance love, or the love of a millionaire!


1. No Matter WHAT, WHERE or WHO!


Selena P.O.V

I was sat in my bed listening music, when suddenly my father enters to my room.

“Sel we need to talk” my father said in a brave tone. “What?” I answered without looking at him. “I don´t like that guy you are dating, what was his name? Jeremy?” he asked. “Is Justin” I said “whatever… you have to leave him.” “WHY?! He is MY boyfriend and I love him”, “We have already had this conversation, so I don’t matter what you will do now… but start saying him goodbye, because we are moving in three days” he answered quickly and the left. I was just realizing what he just said and finally I understood, he will separate us, no matter what, but I will make a promise to myself: “I will always love him no matter WHAT, WHERE or WHO!”

I have already started crying when I got a text; it was from Justin, “Hey baby, do you want to meet us in the park?”

I answered: “Yeah, I will be there in 7 minutes”. I took my bag and left, suddenly my father appeared at the door. “WHERE do you think you are going?” he asked rudely, “What many years do you think I have?” I asked him looking him straightly in his eyes, “Thirteen, fourteen…” he was answering when I cut him off, “Please, I am not joking dad, I am seventeen! And you are trying to control my life, you had made a lot of things that hurt me since mum had died, BUT THIS IS THE WORST and I don’t know if I could ever forgive you! I ran through the door crying and I didn’t stop, when I saw Justin I ran to his arms and he started running to me. When I finally was with him I started to cry a lot, and I couldn’t stop because it was something that I would never forgive anyone and this has gone too far for me to take my own decisions.

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