As Long As You Love Me

Selena has 17, and his father is controlling her LIFE! She is tired but she can´t do anything! Now his father took a new decision, and she has to choose between distance love, or the love of a millionaire!


2. I will never let you go!


Justin P.O.V

“Baby what happened? Are you okay? Please tell me!” I was getting desperate. “Is that… my father finally found the way to separate us, I know that we said that we will never leave but he is going to take me away from you and there is nothing we can do!” she started to cry again, and I wipe her eyes, but she would never stop. I suddenly felt a tear falling of my eye, but I couldn’t help her crying too, so I decided to be strong for her. “But how?” I asked her, “we are moving to I don’t know where!” she answered crying, so I could hardly understand her. “When?” I asked her, “In three days, or that is what he said, but you know how he is!” she answered wiping her eyes. I couldn’t see her like that, she had passed through a lot of things, and I will be forever with her no matter what, so I am going to fight for her! I am not letting her go!

“Calm down baby, we are going to find the way to continue with our love…” I said to her, trying to make those beautiful eyes of her stop crying. “Justin please, I think you are not understanding… there is nothing we can do!” she said to me with a broken voice, I knew that this is going to be difficult, but I will find the way for the 2 of us. “Okay, I know what I am going to do” I said with a safety tone. “Justin! No! I don’t want you to do anything; this is something of my father and I!” she shouted at me, “But if I don’t do anything he will take you away, and I am going to FACE HIM! And there is nothing you can do!” I shouted at her. “Please Justin, I am not kidding, he could make you whatever he wants, he is dangerous, and I love you so much! If something happens to you I will kill myself!...” she said to me with worried eyes, and I knew that what she has just said is TRUE. “Baby, please, don’t you ever say that again! And I am going to talk with your father now!” I told her. “Okay, but I am coming with you, please don’t shout at him and take care” she said to me, then she came closer, and we kissed. Then I took her hand and we walked by the park until we reach her house. In the front door there was her father, and he was looking at me with a defiant look.

I climbed the ladder carefully while looking at him, when I reached up I stood up in front of him, and Sel was just behind me. “What do you want!” he said me, “I know what are you doing and I AM NOT LETTING HER GO!” I yelled in his face.

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