Our times, Yet our moments (sequel to where have you been?)

a Sequel to where have you been? Well, now it's a few years later, Harry and . So, the kids are all friends, they hang out, they also sing together, yet, Jack comes in and tries to ruin Jully's family, but that wouldn't even ruin anything, Kyle also comes in the story, but, you'll just have to find that out on your own now.


20. why me?

Darcy's P.O.V

I got out of the washroom, and change into my outfit for the day, beige skinny jeans, a white tank top, and back converse, after that I out my hair in a french braide, and walked downstairs, I don't think Stephen ever saw me in a braide before, maybe when I was 5, but I haven't had a braide for a very long time. Anyway, I walked out of my hotel room, and went downstairs, they have computers downstairs, so I just wanted to check it out, when I was walking down the stairs, I thought I saw Stephen, I wasn't so sure. but I walked away, until someone grabbed my arm.

"DARCY!" a boy yelled, while this persons on my arm, wait it's Taylor holding on to me, I tried to go, but she wouldn't let me, than Stephen came up to me.

"DARCY! Why did you leave?" he cried, hugging me, I couldn't help but to kiss him, I missed his kisses, and his hugs, I just feel so safe.

"I'm sorry, I just don't feel like I should be in anyones part of life." I sighed.

"Darcy, you're right, you should never be in anyones life." Stephen looked at me in his blue eyes, I just couldn't believe what he said, I just let go from him, and try not to cry.

"Y-you see, I-" Just as I was about to say something, he cut me off with his passionate kiss.

"but, I'm not anyone." he whispered. "I'm yours."

I smiled and hugged him, but the thing is thats confussing me.

"Why me?" I asked.

"Why you what?" he asked back.

"Why do you love me so much? when you could have a load of other girls? Why me?" I asked.

"Because, without you, I'm nothing,  I wouldn't live a day with you you. I love you, and always you, you're my one and only, your not my number one girl, your my only girl, I don't care about those other girls I could of gotton, I got you, and I'm lucky to have you." he said, I hugged him tight, and we both sat there together.

"EHEM?!" Nick ruined the moment, while Taylor was crying at how adorable out love story is.

"Oh sorry." Stephen said, we both got up, and we looked around Canada, and we loved it, it was so amazing and beautiful. I just love it.

When we were all talking to eachother, I just realized something.

"HOLY SHIT!" I yelled.

"What?" Stephen asked.


"Oh, is it Angie?" he asked, and I nodded my head, I told them I have to go see her, and that they can come if they want too or not, Taylor and them wanted to stay in the hotel, and Stephen wanted to come with me, we went to his car, and drove off, I told him the adress, he met Angie.. Well he thinks shes really annoying, because whenever we come and visit, she gets all excited, and she touches him weirdly and Stephen would get creeped out..

We arrived to her place and knocked on her door, then her mum opened it.

"Oh hi Darcy." she smiled.

"Hello, is Angie there?" I asked.

"Oh no, shes gone out with friends." she said.

"Oh, well.. Can you tell her that I came? and that I might be leaving, so can you give this braclet I wanted to give to her for her 19th birthday?" I said, and she nodded her head and took my present I have her. "Bye!" I smiled, and she said bye back, and waved, Me and Stephen walked back into the car. We drove back to the hotel, and packed our stuff up and drove to the airport. than we got inside the plane


We arrived to England at 12:30 am, and we drove to my parents house, I think they're worried sick about me, I knocked on the door, waiting for someone to answer, until I see my dad with a surprised face.

Harry's P.O.V

me and Jully have been worried sick about Darcy, I mean we already have another child together, but shes been staying with my mum for awhile, and Darcy was the only one whos always around, we're much more use to her, I mean my mum is always taking our youngest son, leo, yes.. remember a few years back Jully was pregnant, we had a baby boy names Leo, anyway.. We weren't much use to him becaue my mum is always in the way, and shes like always taking him everywhere.

Me and Jully couldn't sleep properly, so we stayed up all night, it was 12:30 am, and Jully and I were about to make out, until the door bell ran at 12:35, I ran downstairs to see who it was, and I was so happy, Jully came in afterwards and we hugged her.

"Darcy your back!" Jully cried, and Darcy just nodded, and we all hugged her again, than we got her inside and we were just all talking, until Stephen went down on his knees to Darcy, oh my! What is he doing.. Is he asking my little girl to marry him? NO B-B-BUT MY LITTLE GIRL IS MY LITTLE GIRL, SHE SHOULDN'T- BUT.. WHAT?!

"Darcy, will you-" he was just about to say it, until I ruined it by saying "So, does anyone want coffee?", Jully hit me on the chest, and we were gonna listen to what Stephens gonna say.

"Darcy Styles, will y-" I cut him off by screaming, and everyone looked at me. "What? I can't scream?" I asked, and Jully told me to calm down, okay fine.. I'll just let my little girl be free.

"Darcy will you marry me!" he said as quickly as he can so I wont cut him off again. Jully started crying, and nodded her head, he put the ring on her, and everyone clapped, but I didn't!

Jully's P.O.V

While everyone was cheering for Darcy and Stephen, I saw Harry going inside the kitchen looking sad, I walked inside the kitchen seeing him eating a piece of pie.

"Whats wrong babe?" I asked.

"Oh nothing.." he said looking deeply into his pie, not eating it at all.

"Theres something wrong!" I said, hugging him from behind.

"It's just, that Darcy is getting married, and I don't want my little girl to get married!" he sighed.

"We always have to set her free eventually, I mean they're deeply inlove!" I said, giving him a kiss "I mean, how do you think my dad feel when I married you? he was pretty much sad that his little girl is getting older, you'll just have to deal with it Harry." He nodded his head and gave me the biggest kiss ever, until His mum and Leo came in.

"Uh, mum, dad please get a room." he said looking disgusted.

"Hey, what're you doing her you little brat!" Harry said picking him up.

"Grandma said she had to go to the doctors." he said, I looked at Harrys mum, and she said she'll explain after she comes back from the doctor, I gave her a great big hug, and after she had to go to her doctors appointment.

A/N: I'll be writing a new fanfic soon, called times to times, but different characters, except some names are gonna be the same to this one, but not the same exact people, like Nick for example, or Jully. but of course one direction are gonna be in it, duh! Lol.

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