Our times, Yet our moments (sequel to where have you been?)

a Sequel to where have you been? Well, now it's a few years later, Harry and . So, the kids are all friends, they hang out, they also sing together, yet, Jack comes in and tries to ruin Jully's family, but that wouldn't even ruin anything, Kyle also comes in the story, but, you'll just have to find that out on your own now.


13. Trouble.

Harry's P.O.V

I answered the phone.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hi do you know what happened to Jully Styles?" the person asked.

"No." I replied.

"Oh, well she got into a car crash when she was coming" she said.

"B-but Jully? Is she okay?" I asked.

"Yes shes fine, we just have to help her with some things, and she is good to go, would you like to come and see her.?" she said.

"I'M ON MY WAY!" I yelled, than hung up the phone, Me and Darcy were in the car, we arrived to the hospital, and I told Darcy to wait in the car, she nodded her head, and did as she told. I ran up to the hospital, and I see the worker.

"I'm here to see Jully Styles!" I said.

"Yes shes right here." The lady said, while I followed her, I see Jully in the hospital, all covered in blood, I started crying, until she noticed me.

"Don't cry babe, it was just a car crash, I'm fine!" she smiled, I went in to go kiss her, but the doctors wont let me, the doctor called me to have a talk with him.

"Is she okay?" I asked.

"Yes, she is.. We're done everything, but shes not gonna drive for another few months." he said.

"oh okay." I nodded my head.

"oh, and is your wife pregnant?" he asked.

I nodded my head "Is the baby okay too?" I asked.

"Yes yes! It is, there is no damages to the baby, just keep your wife under control." he laughed, I nodded my head, and I took Jully to the car.

"MUM! ARE YOU OKAY?" Darcy yelled.

"I'm Fine sweetie." she smiled.

We got home, and Jully went in to go take a nap, the doctor gave me a list of her what she can't do for a while, there were no driving for 2 months, she can't lift heavy objects, she also have to sleep in her own side, for a month.

She nodded her head after I read that, I gave her a kiss, and she took a nap, Darcy left the house, than Louis came knocking on my door.

"I heard about Jully! Is she okay?" he asked all worried, Jully and Louis have been bestfriends ever since we met her, Louis trusts Jully, and Jully trusts Louis, they're like long lost siblings when they met.

"shes fine, shes just taking a nap" I smiled.

"Oh, thats good, well is it okay if I hang out for a while?" he asked.

"sure!" I replied. He walked in and sat on the couch.

"You know, Nicole.. she has been talking to this guy lately.. and I don't want my little girl to get hurt." he said.

"You'll never know, they could be just friends." I said.

"I know, but.. What if shes falling for him, and she tells him that shes likes him, and he just, you know rejects her, leaves her, break her heart, and than she'll be coming home, and she'll be upset and crying, I know alot of guys like that." he over reacted.

"Louis, chill.. Shes fine." I said trying to calm him down.

Louis' P.O.V

I couldn't stop think about that David guy, It seems like hes hiding something, very dangerous, I don't know. Anyway we were all sitting down, until Jully came down.

"I'm thirsty!" she said, scratching her eye.

"JULLY!" I jumped up, ran to hug her.

"Louis." she said so tired, but hugged me back.

"Here have my carrot, you seem hungry." I said, holding our my carrot.

"I'm not hungry, I'm thirsty, but NEVER SAY NO TO CARROTS!" she yelled, grabbing the carrot from my hand, and started munching on it, Harry had a giggle.

"Jully I swear, were you lost? and got adopted? you and Louis seem like siblings." Harry smiled.

"I don't know." she smiled.

"JULLY'S MY SISTER!" Louis yelled. We all started to laugh, and we talked for a while.

"So hows Darcy?" I asked.

"She's out." Harry said.

"She seem to be going out alot, so had Nicole too." I said.

"I know, I think they're at Pauls house, Paul had to tell them about their very first concert thats coming up soon." Jully said.

"How do you know about this?" Harry asked.

"Paul called me." she said.

"Oh yeah, Paul called Ashley too." I nodded my head.

"Oh." Harry said.

After that Darcy barged into the door.

"MUM! DAD!" she yelled.

"Yes sweetcheeks." I said mocking Harry. Harry hit me in the chest.

"Yes Darcy." I said.


"We know." I had to ruin the moment.

"Louis, I wasn't talking to you." she giggled.

"Hurtfull." I said, but as soon as she was about to say something, I grabbed her and swung her around.

"LOUIS STOP!" She laughed.



"NO, LOUIS IS NOT HARRY!" I whined, than put her down.

"It's okay, you'll get there." she said giving me a hug.

"You remind me alot of your father." I told her.

"I get that alot!"

A/N: Sorry it took me forever to update, I'm lazy as always, and also, sorry for the short chapter.



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