Our times, Yet our moments (sequel to where have you been?)

a Sequel to where have you been? Well, now it's a few years later, Harry and . So, the kids are all friends, they hang out, they also sing together, yet, Jack comes in and tries to ruin Jully's family, but that wouldn't even ruin anything, Kyle also comes in the story, but, you'll just have to find that out on your own now.


8. Tonight.

Darcy's P.O.V

I was 7:27pm, I had to get ready, I don't know where he's taking me, he wont tell me, so I just went in to go take a shower, I got out and It was 7:56, I wrapped myself in a towell, and ran inside the room, Stephen was sitting on the bed on twitter. "Look away!" I said.

He turned away and laughed, I went in the closet and grabbed an outfit for tonight, I didn't want Stephen looking at my outfit for tonight so I was still in my towell, grabbed my outfit and went inside the bathroom, I noticed it was 8:05 and our date starts at 8:30, so I put on a purple dress, with black heels, and I put on lipgloss, and curled my hair, My mum said that whenever I curl my hair I look like my dad. oh well, than I went inside the kitchen  to get water, and I checked my twitter, Hate finally got away, well some, now all I see is love tweets, and they love me and Stephen together, they called us Dephen, or D.S. I smiled to that, than I noticed it was 8:30 already, I ran the the door, and Stephen came downstairs with a dress shirt on, and a fancy jeans, he grabbed my hand and he said I looked really cute tonight. He told me to close my eyes through out the whole walk, so he was basically watching me walk.

"we're here!" he smiled, I opened my eyes, and It was the place where me and Stephen use to go when we were 10, 11 we would always hang out on that spot and look at the sky, It was like a mountain with grass on it kind of, we called our mountain of love.. I noticed how Stephen grabbed sandwhiches and juice.

"haha, how romantic." I giggled.

"I try my best." he smiled.

Stephen's P.O.V

I noticed Darcy looking at the dark sky with stars on it, I layed next to her and we were looking at the stars, we were basically trying to connect the stars, I connected a triangle, and Darcy laughed at me, she connected a smiley face, I turned to her, and I kissed her, I grabbed a little box out of my pocket, and there was two rings in it, I put one on her finger, and one on mine, and I told her.

"Promise me, that we will be together, no matter what happens." I said hoping she would keep it, she smiled so big, and she kissed me. We than got a little hungry so we walked to Nandos and bought food, after that we went home, and we changed into our pj's and Darcy was wearing my long shirts with pajama's short shorts, and she slide into bed, and I was just wearing my pj's, yes, She is turning 15 and I'm 15 and sleeping together, no we're not having it, we're stil virgins, I choose to have it when I'm married, because I'm a good boy, and I think Darcy thinks the same too.

I woke up the next morning to Taylor screaming.


"eeh, it's tomorrow." Darcy yelled while cuddling up to me tightly.

Taylor ran downstairs and started to get hyper, until she passed out on the couch, and me and Darcy are here sleeping together like a happy couple, Darcy's birthday is next week, I gotta through a surprise party for her. But right now we're thinking of Taylor's party, so Darcy got up, and she went out shopping with Taylor for a shop birthday thing they usually do, oh yeah, and Nicole is with them too, she drives them everywhere, and they're like the 3 bestfriends, anyway so I'm here with Nick, and we were talking.

"How's you and Taylor?" I asked.

"Um, we're good." He said awkwardly because Taylor dumped me for him.

"Don't worry man, I don't really care if she dumped me for you, I didn't really like her that much, only as a friend way." I laughed. He nodded his head.

"So what about you and Darcy? I see you guys are really close together at night." He winked at me.

"NO NO, NOT LIKE THAT! WE'RE ONLY 15! I wouldn't do that!" I yelled.

"Oh okay, calm down.. I was just kidding." Nick laughed.

"It wasn't funny, that situation is really serious to me." I said all angry.

Nick's P.O.V

Stephen really needs to chill out, he's so serious when we're talking about inapropiate shit, I mean, Taylor is turning 14, yeah shes older than me, so what? and we talk about those shit alot, but we don't, she usually says it's bad, and it could leave to something really horrable. anyway, tonight I have to go buy something for Taylor's birthday, I asked Stephen if he could come with me and William, and he agreed, we walked out of the house, locked it up, and William drove us to the mall, We went to alot of stores, and I couldn't find anything, Stephen was just on his phone texting Darcy alot.

"STEPHEN HELP ME! STOP GOING ON YOUR PHONE ALOT!" I yelled, just as he was about to say something, a bunch of girls came up to us and started screaming.

"OMG YOU GUYS ARE FROM LITTLE DIRECTION? OMG WE LOVE YOU, PLEASE SIGN MY PHONE CASE WITH THIS MARKER!" a fan yelled at Stephen, He signed it, and she told me to sign it too, I smiled and signed it with a heart, than I winked at her, and she started freaking out, than we tried hiding, so We bought beanies and sun glasses. After that we went to this one store Stephen told me to go because he just texted Darcy what Taylor likes, so we went inside and bought her a purple bag.

"Aww, you're buying this for a special somebody?" the lady said who works there.

"Yeah, her birthday is tomorrow." I smiled, the lady took a good look at the bag.

"Here, let me help you what girls like in a bag." she smiled, we followed her to wherever she was going.

"Here, it's the last gucci bag here, better hide it, alot of girls here have been trying to find that." she giggled, I smiled, we went to the cashier, and it was $120.

"I can't afford that." I sighed.

"It's okay, how much money do you have right now?" she smiled.

"I only have $90" I sighed again.

"Here, I'll lower the price a bit, I'm sure my boss wouldn't mind." she said, while I gave her $90, and she put in it a bag.

"Here you go, I hope that special someone would enjoy that gift." she smiled, I nodded my head and walked out the door all happy, after that me and Stephen were waiting for William outside.

It was 10 minutes later, and William was there, we noticed Darcy and Taylor with Nicole was there, Just before William was gonna call Nicole, I put my hand on his mouth and whispered.

"I don't want Taylor knowing I'm here." Darcy noticed us, and she tried to get Taylor to not look at us, and she put Taylor infront of her, and she waved at us to go away. We ran inside the car, and yelled William to drive faster, he drove off, and we got home on time, I told Stephen if I can hide this purse in his room, and he nodded his head, I ran upstairs and put it in his closet, we got into our pajama's and make it look like we never even left the house, when the girls came in, Taylor ran up to me, and hugged me tight.

Darcy's P.O.V

When I saw them over there, I didn't want Taylor to see them, because what if she notices Nick here, and bought her a present, I know Taylor, she can go inside your brain and spill the shit out of your head, and it would ruin the surprise, so I told her I saw Jaxon Bieber, Justin's little brother, she's inlove with him, and she turned around "WHERE?!" she yelled, and she went right infront of me, I turned around quickly and told them to go away, they ran inside the car and drove off, I turned around.

"I didn't see Jaxon." she cried.

"Oh, he probably ran off." I said.

she just went inside the car looking all sad, We arrived home, and we see the boys in their pajama's and they look like they haven't even walked out the house, I grabbed Stephen upstairs, and I noticed Nick gave a wink to Stephen, ugh.. That kid has a dirty mind, I swear, we walked upstairs and we went inside our room.

"did you get her a gift?" I asked.

"Well, I haven't, but Nick had." he replied.

"What're you getting her for her birthday than?" I asked.

"20 canadian money?" he laughed.

"Oh, what did Nick bought her?" I asked again.

"A gucci bag." he said, he went inside our closet and showed me.

"WOW, THATS A GOOD BAG! SHE'LL LOVE IT!" I yelled, he told me to shush it before Taylor would hear me, It was only 12:30 pm, we went down because Stephen got hungry, he ordered pizza, with 55 chicken wings, I for the other hand, found a cat on the street and washed it up, and I wanted to keep it, I named it Mr. Fluffypants, because it was just too cute and so fluffy, Nick, Nicole, Taylor and Stephen didn't mind of the cat, so I guess we're keeping it, The cat was walking around the house, I got my beanie, sunglasses, and a long coat, and hide myself, I went out the door ro buy cat supplies, I bought a cat litter box, cat food, a bowl for the food and to drink, and I bought toys for it, and I came home with alot of supplies.

I set it down and I put the litter box to this bathroom that nobody uses it, so the cat can stink up that bathroom if she wants, I trained it to not poo or pee in the house but only the litter box, yes I use to have a cat, I know how to take good care of cats. Stephen helped me with the cat thing, the cat was pratically my child now. We went to the vet and we got it a shot, so everythings fine, Stephen ordered more food. and we all got hungry, so we ate all together. We all had our moments and laughs, and we watched a couple of movies for a few house.

Than it was 9:30, Taylor yelled at us to go to bed early for her birthday tomorrow, so we did, well me and Stephen did, we both were tired, we walked upstairs, Stephen was already in his pajama's and I was putting mines on too, I wore my T-shirt that says "Who needs boys?" and my blue pajama pants to match it, Stephen read my shirt, and laughed.

"Well you need me!" he smiled.

"How do you know about that?" I winked, he grabbed me and he tickled me, I couldn't stop laughing.

"You don't need a boy, you need a man." he smiled.

"But I don't have a man, just a plan boring boy." I giggled.

"what your saying is that I'm not a man?" he gasped.

I nodded my head, and he started attacking me.


"NOO! GET OFF OF ME!" I yelled back, he started to bite my hand.

"MUAHAHAHA! I'M A VAMPIRE!' he yelled.

"Yeah biting me hand is so bad!" I sarcastically said.

"oh I see, you want me to bite your neck?" he smiled.

"You're a chicken, you wont do that." I giggled, I never thought he would, but he bit my neck.

"OW!" I yelled. Just before he was gonna say something Nick burst the door open.


me and Stephen looked at him like he was retarded.

"HOW?" I asked.

"about the 'oo say i'm a man, ow that hurts stephen stop ooh that my week spot." he mocked us.

"First of all, Ew, second of all, we weren't doing it, Stephen said he was a man and I didn't think he was and he started to tickle me, and attacked me and I told him to get off, and he bit my hand and said he was a vampire, and that was stupid so he bit my neck?" I explained.

"Suree." he winked, and walked out of the door.

"That was random." Stephen laughed.

"There is something wrong with that boy." I said, than we both fell asleep, I woke up to Taylor running up to our room, and jumping on me and Stephen.


We didn't bother to answer, than she grabbed a cold bucket of water and said.

"Don't make me spill this cold bucket of water on you guys." Just before that me and Stephen got up and hugged her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAT!" I yelled, she slapped me across the face "I'm not a brat." she said, than we both ran downstairs and had our talk. Taylor had to use the bathroom.

After that Nicole came up to me.

"Try to take her out, I have to decorate the house." she said, I nodded my head, and I decided that me and Taylor should go out and walk, maybe to the park, than take an adventure to somewhere we don't even know, than get lost, and I usually find my way home, but if I don't know call my daddy, and yeah, so Taylor got out of the bathroom.

"Go get dress." I said.

"Why?" she asked.

"I'm taking you out." I replied, we both went upstairs and got dress, when we got dress, we had to wear our beanies and sun glasses too, we walked to the park, and we just sat there and started to talk, until these girls came up to us.

"oo, lookie here, it's the slut, and the birthday whore." a girl laughed at us.

"um, okay?" I said.

The girl got up and pushed me on the ground.

"What was that for?" I yelled.

"For being a slut. leave Stephen alone! He's mine!" she yelled, and the girls started kicking me, and the other girls made Taylor cry, until this guy came up and helped us out.

"Why wont you just get a life and leave these girls alone?" he said.

"Why're you even in this?" she said all attitude.

"Please, the only reason why you're bothering her, is because you guys are jelouse that you're not even pretty enough, not even pretty to even get a guy, I bet your parents just left you off on the streets, and you're here bothering other girls who have a life and their parents love them!" he snapped at them, the girls were really pissed off, but they just walked away, He grabbed my hand and Taylors and got us up.

"Are you guys okay?" he asked, he had beautiful hazel eyes, and nice brown curly hair, he just looks so familier.

"Yeah I'm fine." I said. "Do I know you from somewhere?" I asked.

"Um, no.. but my name is Bryan Grey, whats your name?" he asked me, Bryan Grey? doesn't ring a bell.

"I'm Darcy Styles, and this is my friend Taylor Payne." she smiled.

"Wait, Darcy Styles, as in Harry Styles daughter? and Taylor Payne? as in Liam Payne's daughter?" he said so excitedly.

"Um yeah." I said, just before as we were gonna say something he hugged us, than he said he had to go, now that was weird?

Bryan's P.O.V

I found them! I FOUND THEM! It's been so long. I have to tell my mom about them! well, not my real mom, but she'll be happy when I told her about this!.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi Bryan, why do you sound so happy?" My mum said.

"Well, I found my birth parents daughter!" I said so excitedly.

"YOU WHAT?" she yelled..

A/N: what do you think he means by birth parents? is he abandoned? who is his sister? oh my, we just might have to find out about that soon. kbye my little kitties! muaaah!



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