Our times, Yet our moments (sequel to where have you been?)

a Sequel to where have you been? Well, now it's a few years later, Harry and . So, the kids are all friends, they hang out, they also sing together, yet, Jack comes in and tries to ruin Jully's family, but that wouldn't even ruin anything, Kyle also comes in the story, but, you'll just have to find that out on your own now.


6. oopsies.

Zayn's P.O.V

"Ew, you're married?" I said all grossed out, I mean who would do that bullshit.

"Well, my wife passed away. a few months ago, but we're here for a different situation, why did your son attacked my son." he asked.

"Because he's your son?" Me and Nick laughed, Jada punched my chest, and gave me the 'stop talking' look.

"are you making fun of my son?" he asked.

"No, I'm making fun of you." I said, I could tell Jack's son was feeling embarrassed, the princable came into our convo.

"Now, young men, you're both older and mature, don't teach bad influences to your kids." she said.

"I'm not, Jack's the bad influence for attacking my son." I said.

"No no no, your son attacked my son." he yelled, we both started argueing.

"SHUT UP!!" The princable yelled. "We got everything on tape on what has happened, now lets see what the problem is."

We stood there watching the video.

"You got the goods?" Jacks son said the Nick.

"N-no, but I-I'll give it tomorrow I swear!" Nick said looking all scared.

"Listen pretty boy, I'll break that face of yours if you don't give me the goods." he yelled.

"What if I don't" Nick said, looking all frightened.

The boy punched Nick really hard, and Nick fell on the ground.

"Thats gonna happen, but much more worse." The boy said, than walked away, until Nick got up and jumped on the boys back and started attacking him, than the princable stop the tape.


"well, he didn't give mine what he wants." Jack yelled.

"What was the 'goods' you had to give to him Nick?" I asked.

"It was money I tried saving up for a phone, but than he started to yell at me to give him money every once a month." Nick cried.

Jack looked all mad, and the boy was all pissed off.

"Johnny, when we get home, you're in a load of trouble young man." Jack said to his son, I'm guessing his name is Johnny, they left, and so did the princable, We all walked left too. Now, that was a good night was it, we all felt tired and it was only 11:45. They shouldn't be calling us at this time, they should of called us earlier, stupid lazy ass princable.

Darcy's P.O.V

I got up, and got ready for school, I went to the guests room, and noticed Stephen wasn't there, I ran downstairs and saw my parents getting my lunch ready.

"Wheres Stephen.?" I asked.

"He went to his house to get ready, he'll be over in about." My mum said.

I nodded my head, I wore my Beige skinny jeans, black converse, a purple tanktop, and a blackish greyish sweater, I got my back pack, put a little lipgloss on, grabbed my lunch put it in my bag, and some of my books, and as soon as I was gonna walk to Stephens, some random guy came in.

"PAUL!" my dad screamed. I was so confused what was going on.

"HARRY!" he yelled. I was just sitting there, until my mom came in and this 'paul' guy hugged her, and they all talked for a while.

"Ehem..?" I ruined their moment.

"Oh sorry, this is Darcy, our daughter." My dad intruduce me, I was just about to shake his hand, until he looked so happy to see me, he hugged me.

"Hello Darcy, it's been so long, I remember when you were so little, I have a daughter about your age. You should meet her sometime." he smiled, I nodded my head, and just as I was gonna say I had to leave my phone rang, I went in to go answer.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey are you coming?" Stephen asked.

"Yeah, on my way." I smiled. I told them I gotta go, and Paul hugged me.

"It was good meeting you." he smiled.

"it was good meeting you too." I smiled than walked out of the door.

Jully's P.O.V

It was so good seeing Paul again, right after Darcy left, Paul was talking about how we should get a new band with our kids, see who wants too, or not, and than make them become more famouse, we nodded our heads and agreed, so right after the kids come home from school, we'll talk to them about it. Harry called Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis, and they all were excited.

Stephen's P.O.V

I was getting ready, my parents look so happy this morning, and they didn't care if they were late, and they can't stop kissing eachother and my dad kept on saying how last night was so fun, oh Gosh, please no, not in this house, NO. I kind of got grossed out, Juliet was sitting on the couch, ew how can she do that, what if they did it on the couch, and shes sitting on the... EWWW. Okay Stephen stop thinking about that, Darcy's taking forever, so I'll call her, when I called her, I asked her if she was coming and she said shes on her way, I hung up the phone and waiting for her outside my house. I was waiting for her outside my doorstep.

"YO STEPHIEEE!" she yelled running up to me.

"YO DARC DAR!" I said, giving her a hug, we both walked to school, Taylor was walking with Nick else, so it was just me and Darcy.

"Where Tay?" she asked.

"Shes walking with Nick." I said.

"Oh.." Darcy said, I love her green eyes, those exposive dimples, her wavy brown hair with blondish highlights, the way she smiles, I could tell her shes beautiful anytime. But that would be too awkward.

We walked to school, and we noticed Nick and Taylor giggling about something, Nick kept on whispering on her ear, and it looks like she was blushing.

"Aren't you jelouse?" Darcy asked.

"Eh." I said, I didn't really care.. I mean It's not like me and Taylor are offciall or anything, we walked up to them.

"Oh hey Stephen." Taylor smiled.

"Hey?" Stephen said.

"Listen, I'm sorry to say this, but I think I'm kind of liking on Nick, and like he just told me he likes me, and he seems more boyfriend meterial, so I guess you and I are done, but can we please continue on being bestfriends? and pretened we never dated?" she said.

I nodded my head, than me and Darcy walked off, and I had a huge smile on my face.

"Why're you so happy now?" Darcy asked.

"I didn't really wanted to go out with Taylor, I'm glad she dumped me, I like staying bestfriends with her now though." I said all happy.

Darcy nodded her head, I was just gonna tell Darcy what I feel about her, but I was taking forever, than the bell rang, and she had to go to class, so did I. We walked off to class, the whole day I couldn't stop thinking about Darcy.

*A few hours later*

It was time to go home, I was waiting for Darcy, Darcy saw me and she ran up to me, but than this guy followed her, I whispered to her ear.

"Whos he?"

"Oh, a friend." she whispered back. "This is Edi." She said loudly.

"Hi" he said shaking my hand.

I shook his hand.

"So how do you guys knew eachother?" I asked.

"Well hes new here, but remember how I went back to canada with my parents for vacation and I told you about a friend I made, and we were pratically bestfriends, well he came from Canada to England." she said all smiley and jumpy, I fake smiled, what if she falls inlove with him? or already is inlove with him, he's way better looking than me, with his cool spikey blond hair, and blueish greenish eyes. I mean c'mon, I have blue eyes too, and I have better hair than him.. pffft.

His brother called him to go home, so he walked away, so it was just me and Darcy walking alone together, I got a text from my mum

MUMMA: Go to Jully's house we're all waiting for you and Darcy.

Me: Why.. I swear I didn't do anything bad there.

MUMMA: No no, we just have a surprise for you.

I stopped texting her, and I told Darcy that I had to go to her house, and she just nodded her head, we walked to her house, and she opened the door.

Darcy's P.O.V

When we walked inside we noticed everyone was starring at us, I noticed that Paul guy is there.

"Darcy and Stephen, we needed to tell you guys something," My dad said, I noticed how Nicole, William, Juliet, Taylor, Nick, Thomes, Niall, Victoria, Zayn, Jada, My dad, My mum, Liam, Erica, Louis and Ashley were there.

"what is it?" I asked.

they explained about this band thing? Juliet William, Thomes didn't want to be in it, so It was just Me, Stephen, Taylor Nicole and Nick. We all tried figuring out our names.

"How about the Stephensexypals?" Stephen giggled.

"No." I said being all serious.

"since our dads were one direction why wont we be, Little Direction?" Nicole said.

We all liked that name and we agreed on that name, than Paul wanted to hear us sing, so he gave us the lyrics on what makes you beautiful, and we sang our dads parts. and he said we sound perfect and good, We noticed how Thomes, Juliet, and William were cheering for us, Paul recording our cover and posted it on youtube and twitter, and those use to be Directioners or still is Directioners loved us, they said we were good and that we should make our own songs. I was kind of happy about that one.

"Okay guys, since we got a band, we should meet up at our old studio tomorrow, since it's saturday." Paul Smiled, everyone agreed and smiled, than everyone went home, and I couldn't stop thinking about today, I just couldn't help but to smile. I wonder what we're gonna do tomorrow, but I don't know what time we're going, but than I remembered he told us he'll give us a call. Oh well.

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