Our times, Yet our moments (sequel to where have you been?)

a Sequel to where have you been? Well, now it's a few years later, Harry and . So, the kids are all friends, they hang out, they also sing together, yet, Jack comes in and tries to ruin Jully's family, but that wouldn't even ruin anything, Kyle also comes in the story, but, you'll just have to find that out on your own now.


22. Juliets big day.

Juliet's P.O.V

We were all getting ready for my Wedding, I got into my big white dress, and Darcy, Nicole, Taylor and my bestfriend Lia were the brides maid, and there were only an hour later left. We all just sat there and had our talks, and secrets.

"So, have you and Jai... You know?" Lia said pocking me.

"Whaat, no. Pfft." I said.


"Shhh, keep it down, My parents might be listening." I said trying to shush her up, she nodded her head, but we all couldn't help but to laugh. "So, what about you Darcy, have you and Stephen?" I asked, but I know It's kind of Awkward of her telling these things to her boyfriend or fiance's sister about this, but come on, I gotta know.

"Umm, no we haven't.. Why?" she responded.

"Oh, because you know, both of you are just so inlove with eachother, you guys are just so cute, I just wonder why you guys are just so happy every morning, I always wonder." I teased, and gave her a wink, while she turned bright red.

"We never did, I swear.." she said feeling embarrassed.

"It's okay Darcy, I'm just kidding." I giggled, and everyone else started to laugh, Well it was only me and my bridesmaid, I mean we're all in a room locked up until the wedding starts, Darcy was getting me ready, and trying to make me look more good.

"What about you Taylor?" Darcy asked.

"What about me what?" she replied.

" Ehem, you and Nick?" she winked.

"Oh, well to be honest, we did.. But don't tell my parents!! Well, don't tell my dad mostly, I wouldn't like to hear.. 'Taylor, that is very naughty, naughty naughty naughty, no daughter of mine should lose her virginaty at this age, naughty girl.. VERY NAUGHTY! I raise no girl to be like this, thats it, no phone for a month now.. Oh wait, was that harsh? I'm so sorry, I wont do that again, I feel so ashamed.' I hate when he does that." Taylor explained, and we all burst out of laughter at how she mocked her dad. "Well It's true!!" she said.

We were all getting ready and putting our makeup on, and everything.

An hour later, we all go ready, and only the bridesmaid left the room, I'm stuck in this small room until they tell me too.

Jai's P.O.V

Darcy and Lia rushed me to get ready, so I did, than the wedding started, so Darcy and Stephen were walking down the aisle, than Taylor and Nick, than it was Nicole and Dave, and than it was William with Lia, Than I was walking at the end, and I was waiting infront of the priest for Juliet, after the bridesmaid, and the bestmans were all in a line up the music started playing, than I see a beautiful women with a nice white dress, walking alone the aisle with her dad, and they were walking towards me, I was so nervous, I was to scared if I would mess this up, they walked up to me, and her dad went down to sit down, and then me and Juliet were face to face, finally.

The priest started talking, and talking.. Until the part where he said.

"Do you Jai Bieber, take this lovely woman as your wife?"

"I do." I smiled at her.

"Now, do you Juliet Horan, take this handsom Man, as your husband?" he asked.

"I do!" she smiled.

Than we put our rings on together.

"You may now kiss the bride." he said, and me and Juliet were in a middle of kissing, and it was the longest kiss ever, this wedding was perfect, we all started talking at first, and had out laughs and moment, and Darcy and Lia yelled "PARTY TIME!" and everyone laughed at that, than the music came on.

A/N: ooo, Juliets married, and than I after that I'll make another chapter about the party, than a few more chapters about how it was 2 years later, and how Stephen and Darcy get married, and than this fan fic would be done, and than you can read my other fanfiction, called times to times. ooo, it's a really good one, better than this one.. Trust me;) lol, kbye.

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