Our times, Yet our moments (sequel to where have you been?)

a Sequel to where have you been? Well, now it's a few years later, Harry and . So, the kids are all friends, they hang out, they also sing together, yet, Jack comes in and tries to ruin Jully's family, but that wouldn't even ruin anything, Kyle also comes in the story, but, you'll just have to find that out on your own now.


5. Hmmm.

Victoria's P.O.V

I got home, and Stephen, Niall and Juliet wasn't home. I texted Stephen.

Me: Stephen where are you?

Momma's boy: at Darcy's.

Me: Oh okay. Come home later on then.

Momma's boy: Whatever, love you.

Me: love you too.

Than I texted Juliet.

Me: Now, where are you?

Juliet: I'm at Cassandra's house, be home soon xoxo.

Me: Kay hun, xo.

Than Niall.

Me: Babe.. where are you, no ones home. ;)

Hubby: I'm in the kitchen, shhhh. I'm secretly eating your chicken wings.


Hubby: Oh shit.

Niall's P.O.V

I saw chicken wings, and I decided to eat some, ever since I was with Victoria, she never gives me chicken wings, I wanted to try some, until I got a bit carried away, she texted me, and now shes gonna yell at me.

"MY CHICKEN WINGS! NOOO!" she ran inside the kitchen to save her chicken wings, we both started fighting for it. "GIVE IT BACKKK!" she yelled.



"ugh, how can I say no to that face?" We both sat down together and ate chicken wings together, than we ordered more chicken wings.

"You know... I never share my chicken wings to anyone." she said.

"Well now you are! well, ONLY ME!" I said all happy with the chicken wings, we both started to talk and had our laughs together. Than we finished our chicken wings, and we wanted to go out, she texted Juliet and Stephen that they can stay over the night over there, than me and Victoria went to Nandos, than watched a movie, than went back to Nando's because we got hungry again, than it looked like the sun's going down, so we went near the sun set and lied down there, and looked at the sun going down, until it was dark.

"We should get going, it's kind of getting dark." I said.

"No, I like staying here." Victoria smiled, I looked her in the eyes.

"what?" she asked.

"You have the most beautiful dark brown eyes ever." I replied to her, she smiled than kissed me softly.

"But they're not as beautiful as your blue eyes." she said smiling at me, I kissed her and we started making out, until there were teenagers passing by us.

"Eww, get a room, this isn't a room, it's called the 'Outside'." one teenager said.

"Ewww, take that mask off." Victoria said looking like shes grossed out.

"I'm not wearing a mask." The teenager rudly said.

"Oh, so thats just your face?" Victoria giggled, me and Victoria ran to our car and drove off, we went home, and well we had our Niall and Victoria moment.

Stephen's P.O.V

Well, we were still in Darcy's house after school when. someone barged into Darcy's door, and yelled

"DARCY! STEPHEN! BOTH OF YOU GOTTA TELL EACHOTHER SOMETHING!" we ran downstairs from her room, and I couldn't believe who I saw, it was Alexia, shes gonna ruin everything.

"W-what?" Darcy asked.

"You know what, Darcy, do you wanna say something to Stephen, or shall I?" she said all rude, Darcy was just about to say something until I cut her off because I got a text from my mom, I went to the bathroom and started texting her, Well I didn't had too go to the bathroom, I was just scared what Darcy's gonna tell me, is she gonna like say she hates me forever? because I took her favourite braclet, Yeah, she hates me so much.

Darcy's P.O.V

I was just about to tell Stephen that I'm like inlove with him, but I couldn't do that, But I was gonna say it anyway, he went to the bathroom just to look at the text, I think he did that on purpose because he knew I was gonna say something, but yet he's too scared to hurt my feelings.

"Why do I have to tell him, wait a minute, you said that Stephen had to tell me something right?" I asked Alexia.

"Yeah he does have to tell you something." she said all smiling.

"well... what is it?" I asked, just before she was gonna say something, we saw Stephen walking up to us.

"Darcy, before you're gonna say something, I'm giving this braclet back to you, I'm such a jerk for taking your braclet you love so much." he said giving me the braclet.

"no no!! Have it, I want you to have it." I smiled.

"oh okay, well do you have anything to tell me?" he said all happy.

"I l-love you.. you're the best friend I have ever said." I said, Just before I was gonna say I love him more than friends, he just hugged me and said.

"I love you as my bestfriend too." I couldn't say anything, I gave a I'm sorry look to Alexia.

"well, I guess you both 'told' eachother what you guys feel about eachother." she sarcastically said, than walked off, me and Stephen looked at eachother like we didn't know what was going on, but I knew Stephen was hiding something from me and is a chicken for not telling me, we walked to the park, well thats how we do, we're always going to the park and hang out, We usually stay out at the park and hang out with our friends, Nicole, William, Nick, Thomes, Juliet, Stephen, Taylor and Alexia, but I sometimes hate going to the park because thats where I got dumped by my boyfriend, well ex boyfriend, Stephens usually the one who helps me. We walked to the park and talked for a while, He got a text from his mom that he can stay over, I nodded my head, but I wasn't sure about my parents, so we walked home, and we noticed my dad, sitting on the couch.

"Daddy, can Stephen stay over the night?" I asked.

"Yeah, he can, Him and his parents are like family, well not technically family, but you know we're so close." he smiled. "He can borrow my pajama's to sleep."

Stephen nodded his head, and my dad gave Stephen his pair of pj's, we noticed it was getting dark, so we went inside my room, Stephen was sleeping at our guest room, I walked inside his room and we started to talk for a bit.

"Stephen." I said.

"Yeah?" he smiled with his blue big eyes.

"do you really like Taylor?" I asked, I didn't know why I asked him that. I'm such an idiot, he thinks I'm noisy now, he thinks I'm annoying, he hates me now, WHY DO I TALK SO MUCH?

"umm, why're asking me that?" He also asked curiously. yup, he thinks I'm annoying.

"You don't have to tell me." I said.

"well, I do like her, she really cute, and adorable... But I liked this other girl, but I think she doesn't like me, but than Taylor said she likes me so, I went out with her." he said, smiling, ugh his smile is so cute, but he liked this other girl, I wonder who it was..

"Who was that other girl? WHY WONT YOU TELL ME THESE THINGS?!" I yelled.

"SORRY, NEVER KNEW YOU WANTED TO KNOW SO BAD!.. and I don't want to say, I'll tell you one day, but not today, hey I'm really tired, so I'm gonna go to sleep." he said, I nodded my head, and left the room.

Zayn's P.O.V

The twins are really so hyper, but me, Jada and the twins are living a good life together, until I heard Nick was in a fight today at school, I went to go and see what happened, and it was this kid, we had to have a meeting with his parents, his dad came in though, I couldn't belive who I saw..

"Jack?! Ew you're married?" I said all grossed out, wondering who would do Jack.


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