Our times, Yet our moments (sequel to where have you been?)

a Sequel to where have you been? Well, now it's a few years later, Harry and . So, the kids are all friends, they hang out, they also sing together, yet, Jack comes in and tries to ruin Jully's family, but that wouldn't even ruin anything, Kyle also comes in the story, but, you'll just have to find that out on your own now.


26. Baby time.

Juliet's P.O.V

6 months past, and this is the month when this baby is coming out, me and Jai have been thinking of the name, and we decided to name him Andrew, yes Andrew, I was just about to go out for a jog, until the phone rang, which scared me, ever since I became pregnant, I have been getting scared alot, I went to answer it, and it was Jai.

"Hey are you okay?" he asked, he's been checking me up lately, because of the baby.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just about to go out for a jog." I said.

"Kay, well if you need anything, call me." Jai said, because protective.

"Okay babe, bye." I said.

"Bye love." He hung up the phone, I went out for a jog, and I ran near the park, and I decided to sit on the swing, and smile at how I use to be here, and stay here with friends, until I my water broke, I got my phone out and dialed Jais number.

"Hello?" he answered.

"come over to the park now." I whispered.

"What?" he asked.

"GET YOUR MOTHER FUCKING ASS TO THE PARK NOW!" I yelled, while kids are looking at me strangly "WHAT?" I yelled, and they ran away. Until I noticed Jai running up to me, and carried me to the car, he drove quickly to the hospital.

"Push .. PUSH!" the doctor said.

"PUSH WHAT? MY ASS? DO YOU EXPECT THIS THING TO COME OUT? I DON'T THINK SO! IT'S STUCK!" I yelled, until they told me to push harder, so I did, and than BOOM, I fainted on the bed.

Jai's P.O.V

I saw my first baby child, I walked inside the hospital room, and I noticed Juliet sleeping on the hospitals bed.

"Hey babe, wake up!" I said, holding Andrew in my arms.

"Huh" she woke up, and noticed Andrew, I gave her Andrew and she just smiled at him.

"Hello baby boy!" she smiled, and I smiled at both of them, I gave him a kiss, and he just giggled, until the doctor came in.

"What did you name him?" he asked.

"Andrew." Juliet said softly.

"My names Andrew!" the doctor jumped up in excitment.

"Oh really?" Juliet asked, and he nodded his head. "Well, thats a nice name." she smiled, Juliet had to spend the night at the hospital, and so did I, the doctor offered me sleeping at the waiting room, so I did.

The next morning it was time for us to leave, and so I took Andrew, and put him on the baby seat, and Juliet sat on the front seat, and I drove back home, until I noticed everyone was in our house, and started clapping, they all ran up to Andrew.

"Whats his name?" Darcy asked, holding him in her hands, and I noticed Stephen smiling at her of how she held him.

"Andrew." Juliet smiled.

Everyone celebrated, and It looked like Andrew was enjoying his new home too, and everyone loved him. and they were all excited to see him, Juliet decided to put him to bed, because he was really tired and all fussy, so she put him in his crib, and ran back downstairs and we all talked to eachother.

A/N : sorry for a short chapteh!

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