Our times, Yet our moments (sequel to where have you been?)

a Sequel to where have you been? Well, now it's a few years later, Harry and . So, the kids are all friends, they hang out, they also sing together, yet, Jack comes in and tries to ruin Jully's family, but that wouldn't even ruin anything, Kyle also comes in the story, but, you'll just have to find that out on your own now.


10. Awkward fan.

Darcy's P.O.V

A weak past by, It was a Monday, and 3 more day's until my birthday, I wonder what they're gonna do for my birthday, I really don't want anything too much, you know, everyone spending money on me, I mean I hate that, they just waste their money on me, I just want them to give me a card or something, nothing special, but they just wont listen to me, anyway. I woke up at my parents house, I wanted to stay there for a while, I mean My mum and dad was really upset about the Bryan thing, but I think they're over it, but right now, they're hiding something from me, and I think they don't want to tell me, I see my mum coming downstairs to the kitchen, I walked inside and she seems so happy and excited.

"Hey sweetcheeks, want some breakfest? No, lets go to a restaurant, My treat, have time together." she said so strange.

"Mum. It's okay, I'll have dippy eggs please!! with milk!" I smiled, she nodded her head and cooked me food, while I was eating my food, she walked out of the kitched and started talking to dad, I know it was bad to listen, but I just have to hear what they're up too.

"Should we tell her?" my mum asked.

"I don't know is it the right time?" my dad said.

"I think it's best to tell Darcy." she sighed, when I walked out of the kitchen I yelled. "TELL ME WHAT?"

They both looked at me so surprised.

"What?" I asked.

"Well, um.. Darcy.." my mum said.

"what is it? dad?" I said so curious.

"We're having a baby." he smiled.

I was in shocked, "and why were you so upset to tell me! I'M HAVING A BABY BROTHER OR SISTER?!" I jumped up and down so excitendly, I ran up to them and hugged them, My dad kissed me on my forehead, I ran up to my room, and just went on twitter.

"Just found out the greatest news, not sure to reveal it yet! who's excited what the news will be?;)" I tweeted, I got alot of tweets, and they were curious on what I was talking about, than Stephen tweeted me something, "oooo! Ofcourse I have to hear about this!! YOU HAVE TO TELL ME!! If not, I know where you live ;)" I kind of smiled on that. "Lol, brat! You'll find out, no worried.! Muah x." I tweeted back, after that I got a text from Stephen, I changed his name to Sweetiepie.

Sweetiepie: Heeeeeeeey!

Me: Heeeeeeeeeeeey there! ;)

Sweetiepie: What're you doing love?

Me: Just being boring old Darcy, what about you?

Sweetiepie: Being Darcy's boyfriend, duh? ;)

Me: Ooo, thats so intresting.

Sweetiepie: Indeed. <3

Me: <3 muah!

Sweetiepie: So, you busy today?

Me: No, you?


Me: How?

Sweetiepie: He wants a contest on who has the biggest thing, and I don't want too, but he's calling me a chicken.

Me: Ew, I swear he has something wrong with his mind.

Sweetiepie: haha, can you come over to Pauls house, well where we live apparantly?

Me: Yeah, be there in a few!

Sweetiepie: Kay bye love! Muah.


Than our convo end, I went to change, and got into diguise, and I walked out, While I was walking, I accidently bumped into this guy, I looked up and he had beautiful blue eyes, and nice brown hair, he also had little freckles, it was just so adorable.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" The boy said.

"no no, It's fine, I wasn't looking." I smiled.

He looked up to me, and smiled.

"My name is Zack Thompson, whats yours?" He asked.

"Darcy.. Darcy Styles." I replied.

"No way, as in Darcy Styles, from Little Direction?" he said all surprised, I smiled and nodded my head.

"I'm a huge fan!" he said so excited, he asked if I can sign shirt, I had an extra marker just in case, and signed it.

"It was nice meeting you!" I smiled.

"It was nice meeting my Idol!" He said so happily, I giggled, He then grabbed a piece of paper and added in his phone number and Twitter name, He's so sweet.

Zack's P.O.V

Oh-My-Gawd, I shouldn't have given her my number, she probably thinks I'm an obsessive fan, I mean I love Darcy so much, she so cute and adorable, and she is just so sweet. But she has a boyfriend Stephen, I love Stephen too! He's my hero, especially Nick, it would be cool to hang out with them one day!.

Stephen's P.O.V

I was waiting for Darcy, but than I realised that her birthday is on thursday! I'm an idiot for forgetting! I wonder what I'll do for her birthday? Anyway, we finished our first album already, and alot of people were so excited to get it, we even had our signature in it! and they just loved it, I got alot of tweets of people saying that they will keep it forever, especially ones my dad's age, she said she still has our dads album's, and now shes collecting our album. I was so happy being this famouse, anyway.. It seemed like Darcy was taking forever, so I decided to not text or call, and find her myself.

I saw her walking and bumping into a guy, they have been talking and it seemed like Darcy couldn't stop smiling, whats happening? is she falling for him? or is she just being nice and not giving him a rude look, I don't know, she signed his shirt, probably a fan, than gave her a piece of paper, she was walking my way. When she walked up to me, I popped out of nowhere and scared here.


"GAAAAH! DON'T SCARE ME!" She said hitting my chest, I put my arm around her.

"So who was that guy over there that you signed his shirt and him giving you a piece of paper?" I asked.

"Oh, he was just a huge fan, he asked for an autograph, and I gave it to him, and apparently he gave me his number and his twitter name." she said looking weirdly at the paper.

"ooo, someone has a crush on Darcy, ooolala!" I teased.

"Yeah, and he could of stole your girl?" she winked at me.

"Yeah, But I know my girl wouldn't leave me!" I hugged her, while I was hugging her I saw that guy again starring at us.

"That guy you bumped into is watching us hug." I whispered.

"where?" she said trying to let go, but I wouldn't let her.

"Don't try to let go and look! you'll make it obvious!" I whispered loudly, I let go of the hug.

"Here! lets play a game, you pretend to be me and I pretend to be you, let switch places." I said loudly, we switched places and Darcy hugged me again.

"Ohhhh, now I see him." she whispered.

"Isn't that creepy?" I asked.

"Yeah... wait.. shit I lost him." she said, than let go of the hug, while we were walking and holding hands, this guy popped out of nowhere.

"HEY DARCY!." He smiled.

"Oh. hi?" Darcy said so awkwardly.

"I was just about to go this way." he smiled, and he noticed me.

"STEPHEN! I love you man! you're my hero!" he yelled, just as soon as I was about to say something, he hugged me, and than told me to sign his shirt also, I signed it.

"Oh look at the time, me and Darcy have to goo." I said, trying to avoid him.

"Okay bye!!" he yelled, we walked away, and than when we were farther, we ran as quickly as we can so he wont stalk us, well I did, Darcy didn't know why we were running, I just kept saying it was good for excersice, when we arrived home, Nick ran up to us.


"We were just walking and we bumped into a fan and started talking." I explained the whole situation, Nick nodded his head, and Darcy ran up to the cat, and was petting it. Darcy said she had to take a shower, we nodded our heads and she went upstairs, I checked if she went upstairs and locked the door.

"Kso, Nick!" I whispered.

"What?" he whispered back.

"Darcy's birthday is coming up, what do I do?" I asked.

"Well, we will throw a surprise party!" he yelled so excited.

"shhh, I don't want her to hear!" I whispered, Nick nodded his head, and we tried planning what to do, Nick said he still had the decoration's that was Taylors party, all we need to do it order cake and some food and drinks and we're good to go, the cake I didn't know what kind of cake to get her, I mean she loves disney so much, yet she loves cats, and she's just too random, she's just a weird strange kid. anyway's, I drew a picture of the cake (apparently to other people's point of views, I'm like the best drawer ever), I drew a cat on top of the cake, and toy story around the cake, with some random things, such as a balloon, a clown, a weird word she made up, well she makes up alot, but I don't know what she usually uses alot, she says holy fuckzone, but I can't put that, but she so random whenever we're so quiet she says moo, YES I'LL ADD THE MOO IN IT.

I was finished the cake, and I showed Nick, he said that his dad's friend, knows this cake factory, and that he'll see what he'll do, because he did the same to Taylor's cake, and that cake was so good!. and I don't mean how it tastes good, I mean how is LOOKS good, I mean it tastes good, but the cake looked so good. anyway, William and Nick went to Nick's house, and I was just alone, while Darcy was in the shower, I was just sitting on the couch until the door knocked, I went to go open it, and it was this girl with beautiful blue eyes, and nice blond curly hair.

"Hi would you please help the charity just by si-" just as she was about to say something, she looked up and saw my face.

"no way! you're Stephen Nicholes Horan!" she said so shocked.

"Yes it's me!" I smiled.

"WILL YOU SIGN THIS PAPER FOR CHARITY? AND THIS OTHER PAPER FOR ME?" she yelled, I signed both papers, and gave her a big smiled, she also gave me her twitter, so I took the paper, and put it in my pocket. "I promise to follow you!" I smiled, she got so excited and walked away, haha.. I think I'll get use to this!.

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