A Night Forgotten. (A Ziam Fanfiction)


2. Prologue.


Liams point of view;

i felt someone's gentle hands wrapped around the pit of my stomach, i felt their warm breath on the side of my cheek and my whole body flushed with exhilaration. 

I held onto their grip tighter as i snuggled deeper into their body. 

They let out a humble yawn, once again letting the warmth of their breath shake me.

'Morning Cindy' I laughed turning around to see her glowing face, expect, it wasnt Cindy.

'AHHHHHHHHH' i screamed, untangling myself from him. 

'woah dude, calm down, im trying to sleep' he moaned, turning over on his side.

'WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED?' i panicked. it wasnt out of the ordinary that Zayn was in my bed, he always ended up sleeping in my bed, but this time, it was different, we werent wearing any clothes.

'chill, i always sleep in here, whats the problem?' he yawned, still not facing me.

'WE'RE NAKED!' after i said it, i knew i shouldnt of. we should of just walked it off, pretend like nothing happened. But now i acknowledged it and there was no turning back. 

'WHAT THE FUCK, WHY ARE WE NAKED?' Zayn suddenly sat up in bed, peering under the covers, with an enormous smirk on his face.

'HEY, STOP THAT' i hit him as a grin fell across his face.

'c'mon dude, its kind of funny' i hated how easily he could shake something off. how easily this didnt phase him, i hated it. 

'its not funny, get out' i wrapped the blankets around me as i headed to my bedroom door, opening it for him.

'woah, okay than. sorry, but just so you know... im as confused as you are'  He stated before exiting my room. When he left i examined my room from the door and from where i was standing, it didnt look good.

Our clothes were scattered all over the floor, socks, shirts, pants, UNDER WEAR. 

So far there was no denying it, we were naked, there was clothes absolutely everywhere around my room, last night, Zayn and i, we must of.... 

I cant even say it, because im afraid i'll remember and i might actually enjoy the memory.


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