A Night Forgotten. (A Ziam Fanfiction)


4. chapter two; the argument.


&& the second chapter guys. enjoy.


Liams Point Of View;

'I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE LIAM' Danielle shouted at me whilst she gathered her things from the living room.

'DO WHAT DAN, DO WHAT?' i kept asking over and over but she refused to further explain herself. She kept mumbling.

'You know what' but i didnt know what. We started fighting about a week or two ago, our third fight was the morning incident with Zayn, i still dont know what to make of that.

'No, i dont. Please tell me whats wrong?' i was now holding her arm sternly, trying to get her to look me in the eyes. 'please' i begged.

'You just dont... get me anymore' she sighed, now looking at me with sadness in her eyes.

'Then help me get you? I dont feel like anything has changed so why do you?' i now had hold of her shoulders trying to keep my ground, refusing to let her leave through that front door because i knew if she did, that would be the end.

'i feel like... something is wedging inbetween us. Liam, it may be the fans it may be... yourself, i just... i cant do this anymore' She grabbed her handbag hasitily and headed for the front door. I stood there still, not knowing how to answer what she just said. I wanted to run after her but my feet didnt move beneath me, i was just standing there.

'Bye Liam' She wept as she opened the door and didnt look back. It was over, finished, DONE. I fell to my knees feeling completely helpless. A relationship i thought and many others thought would last forever, ended.

'Are you alright mate?' I heard someones gentle voice whisper. I looked up to see Zayn hovering over me with a sympathetic smile spread across his face.

'yeah, fine' i propped myself up and began to head up to my room.

'Alright, here if you need anything i suppose' Zayn laughed his deep husky laugh before heading into the kitchen. I still felt... uncomfortable around him. The fact that i didnt know what happened that night made matters a whole lot worse.

'Heard the fight, you okay?' Niall asked as i passed him in the hallway. 

'Yeah' i lied again, i didnt want to bother them with my problems. Though they already knew, they act like they dont but i know they knew. They knew how long Danielle and i were fighting for, i could see it in Louis mischievous grin. He didnt know i knew how much he disliked Danielle, but to be honest it didnt bother me, i loved her, thats all that mattered. 

'mate, you alright' Harry briefly asked as he popped his head through my bedroom door.

'i wish everyone would stop asking me that' i moaned grinning. 

'Oh sorry' he chuckled, letting himself in.

'Look, really im fine. You guys dont have to comfort me' I smirked trying to convince him.

'Yeah i know, we already tried that and well... it just got you and Zayn crazy drunk with amnesia' he was laughing now remembering past events.

'Wait, was that what that was?' i laughed along with him. 

'Yeah, our failed attempt at cheering you up' He lightly punched me on the arm before exiting my room. I was half expecting Louis to come in and say 'i told you so' but he didnt.

'Dude, this blows' was all he said. He sat down on my bed and waited for me to speak.

'Your quite glad arent you?' i felt the awkward tension in the air so i thought i ought to address it. 

'No, im really not. Seeing you unhappy, that isnt what i wanted' Louis now had his arm rested on my shoulder. As soon as his hand touched my shoulder something strange happened. Something flashed before my eyes, a memory.

*3 days ago, The Day Of That 'Forgotten Night'*

'Look, dude. You need to get out. Drink off all this sadness your feeling, its really bumming me out' Louis was now grasping my shoulders, trying to shake the bitterness out of me.

'Naaah' i just shrugged off his suggestion. He was always trying to encourage me to 'Drink It Off'.

'Yeah. That sounds good, i could go for a phew drinks' Zayn slyly slipped in his comment into the conversation.

'You and Lou go then?' i laughed heading towards the kitchen for a fresh glass of water. I didnt want to drink my Danielle problems away, i wanted to solve them. Shes been so distant lately and i just cant figure out why. 

'Naaah, im going to See El anyway' He then quickly exited the conversation. Zayn was staring at me smugly.

'What, im not going' I smirked sipping my glass of water.

'WHY NOT, LIVE A LTTLE' he threw his hands up the air which knocked over the lamp sitting on the kitchen bench. Dont ask me why a lamp is sitting there, Harry did the decorating.

'WHAT WAS THAT?' Niall screamed from upstairs as Zayn and i hurried to pick up the broken pieces of glass. I knelt down next to Zayn helping him pick up the splinters of glass, as i went to grab one last piece my hand lightly brushed his. A weird sensation ran through my entire body and i think Zayn felt it too because as soon as my hand touched his he yanked his away, refusing to look at me. 

I felt my cheeks redden with embarrassment.
What was happening? 
Why was i feeling exhilarated from just a simple touch. 

'What is going on here' Niall spoke deeply and furiously.

'what, nothing' Zayn and i both spoke quickly, as if there was something to cover up.

'Um, okay' Harry laughed peering his head out from behind Nialls. 

'Clean this up this instant' Niall stamped his foot with an angry expression on his face. Ever since we got the apartment a month ago Niall has tried to adopt the role of 'Man Of The House'.

'Niall chill, we are getting it cleaned up' Zayn reassured him and Niall just grinned, walking away. He was satisfied. 

I still couldnt get that feeling out of my mind, the way my body quivered as my hand brushed Zayns, the way it felt, exciting, new, DIFFERENT. 

End Of Flashback.


well guys, thats the end of the chapter. I really hope you liked it, COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT OH & COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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