A Night Forgotten. (A Ziam Fanfiction)


5. chapter three; awkward tension.


Zayns Point Of View; 

*4 Days After The 'Danielle & Liam Brake Up'

She was beautiful. A sweet little brunette with piercing blue eyes. I shoved her down on my bed, collapsing on top of her. I unhooked her bra carefully, throwing it across the room. Her lips found mine, followed by her tongue. Her tongue moved perfectly in-sync with mine, rotating around my mouth. She swiftly took off my shirt as i unbuckled my jeans and she flung off her lacy undies. She flip us around, her now laying on top of me as she lightly kissed my collar bone sending a tingling sensation down my entire spine. She kissed my chest, my stomach and worked her way back up to my lips again. I caressed her breasts as our kiss became deeper. As we came up for air, my heart nearly bounded out of my chest. The pretty brunette was gone and Liam was lying on top of me, smiling admirably. 

 I woke up hot and flustered, trying to sooth my pants area. 
What just happened?
I was struggling to breathe, running over the dream again in my head. 
As the memory flooded my brain my heart became to race, my palms started to sweat and the tingling sensation disappeared. 
This was Liam, My Bestfriend, L I A M.

Liams Point Of View;

*4 Days After The 'Danielle & Liam Brake Up'

I heard Zayn rustling around in his room again, he must of been having another sex dream, he was having those quite alot lately and the worst part was that he would tell me every gory detail.

'SHUT IT IN THERE' I screamed through the wall. I haven't slept in days, Danielle braking up with me, hit me hard. I've barely left my bedroom. 

I was waiting for Zayn to say something like 'DUUUUUUUUUDE YOU RUINED IT', but he didnt. 

'GET UP' Louis pounded on my door, like every other morning. Every since Danielle and I broke up he woke me up every morning, probably so i actually did get up out of bed. I opened my bedroom door to see him standing there impatiently. 

'Morning to you too' I laughed shoving past him to the bathroom. 

'Breakfast is on the table' he yelled through the bathroom door as i flushed the toilet, turning on the tap and rinsing my hands. I looked up at the mirror above me, staring at my reflection. I was different, i was alone. 

As i went to leave the bathroom Zayn went to enter. 

'Um, sorry' he mumbled awkwardly moving past me and into the bathroom. 

'What was that?' Niall asked heading towards the kitchen, he obviously smelt the food. 

'Im not sure' i stood there for a moment staring at the closed door, wondering why Zayn was acting so strange. Did i do something? Was he angry at me because i interrupted his 'dream of a lifetime' as he described it everyday. 

'That smells so good' i moaned walking into the kitchen to see bacon and eggs set out on the table. The smell of the bacon travelled up my nose and made my mouth water. 

'Morning' Harry smirked as Zayn entered the kitchen behind me. I turned around to greet him and he quickly avoided my eye sight, ducking into the kitchen and closing the hatch. We had this, well i guess you could say window, that closed off the dining room from the kitchen, gave the person cooking a little privacy. I followed him.

'Did i do something?' I asked as Zayn jumped out of his skin.

'What, dont do that' he grumbled, almost sounding angry. 

'Sorry, but you have been acting weird this morning' i couldnt also have my best friend avoiding me, i just couldnt.

'Have i? i didnt notice' he shrugged, pouring his orange juice and taking to the table, once again leaving me standing there confused. 

'Lets eat, we have a big day today' Louis announced, sometimes, without himself realising, he was like the father of the house, though Niall tried his hardest to take over that role.

'Oh, thats right. We are recording today, arent we?' I rememberd taking my seat and shoving a piece of bacon in my dripping mouth. Louis only nodded in agreement, to busy shoveling food down his throat as well. A silence filled the room, not an awkward one, just 'we are all eating' type of silence. But when i made eye contact with Zayn, he cheeks reddened and he smiled weakly. 

What was i missing?

i know i havent updated in so long so i hope this a good enough update. Its short, i know but i hope you like it. Comment & Vote & SHARE. 


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