A Night Forgotten. (A Ziam Fanfiction)


3. chapter one; the morning after.


Well here is the first chapter guys. ENJOY.


Zayns point of view.

I stepped out of Liam's bedroom knowing that last night would never be discussed again. That anything and everything that ever happened would be forgotten. 

I couldn't quite figure out if the overwhelming feeling I was having was relief or regret. 

I didn't want to forget that night but I know Liam would. 

'Mate, really. Get some clothes on' Harry groaned as stumbled into the bathroom. 

Crap, I forgot it wasn't wearing any clothes.  

The bathroom door closed behind him and I hurried off to my room, covering up my body as much as I could with my hands. 

I slumped onto my bed, staring up at the ceiling. Concentrating on the cracks, the colour that's faded in corners, the mould that's beginning to form. 


My eyelids became heavy and everything was dark. I fell asleep. 

'ZAYN, IT'S BLOODY LUNCH TIME, GET UP' Louis pounded on my door before letting himself in. 

'Woah. Dude. You could of told me you were, ya know' he gestured to my naked body and once again I forgot I wasn't wearing any clothes. 

'It feels more free' I chuckled jumping up off the bed and throwing on the closest pair of pants I could find. Grey track suits pants, perfect. 

'What are we eating?' I laughed following Louis to the kitchen. Harry was already cooking, something with garlic because the smell was overpowering. 

'PIZZA' Niall squealed as he walked into the kitchen.  

'Wheres Liam?' Louis asked as he took a seat on the stool beside the bench, watching Harry cook. 

'He left, he said Danielle called and than he just walked out' Harry threw some more garlic into the sizzling pot on the stove.  

'What is up with him? I ran into him this morning and he barely even looked at me' Niall shrugged his shoulders as he sat next to Louis, munching on an apple. 

'He had a fight with Danielle' Louis confessed. 

'THEY WHAT?' I felt a grin creasing up in the corners of my mouth. I couldn't control it, that feeling of happiness, I couldn't control it. 

'Uhh yeah, I heard them yelling at each other the other day. Something about Liam not understanding her lately' Louis shrugged his shoulders like he didn't care. He was usually the first person to find out anything and everything, but he was also the only that cared.  

'Oh don't judge me Zayn, so I'm not to fond of Danielle, I'm guessing the smirk on your face agrees with me' he winked before leaving the kitchen, leaving Harry and Niall curious.  

'Didn't Liam tell you Danielle and him were fighting? What the hell were you guys doing last night than? I thought you were taking him out to feel better' Harry now looked confused because Liam and Danielle fighting slipped my mind. But everything from last night slipped my mind. 

'We weren't doing anything, I mean, we weren't, I don't remember anything' I sighed. Running my fingers through my blonde streaks. 

'That's probably because you guys were hammered' Niall laughed, taking another bite of his red apple and licking his lips with a pleased expression on his face.  

'What do you know?' I asked now intrigued. Anything I could find out, I'd FIND OUT. 

'You really can't remember?' He laughed again. Now Harry joining him wickedly. 

'Guys, c'mon, what happened?' I was now getting frustrated and that changed the tone in my voice. 

'Alright calm down, I only saw you guys come home, laughing and you could barely walk, you went straight to kitchen & ate all the ice cream' Niall grinned now removing the empty ice cream bucket from the freezer.  

'Than you guys stumbled up the stairs and into Liam's room, after that I went to bed' Nialls smirk became wider and my palms started to sweat. Does he know what happened? Hell, I don't even what happened but Liam's bedroom this morning explained it all. 


well thats the end of the chapter, tell me what you guys thought!? should i keep going or not? x

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