Abuser. ( A Justin Bieber Fan Fic)

I'm Logan, a 17 year old girl, in Senior Year. Justin Drew Bieber, the most popular guy in school, bullies me. I can never get away, no matter how hard I try. He will always find me. Once you start reading this you will live and realize the pain I go through. To people he's a bully, and just the popular guy. To me he's my ABUSER.


2. Watching her hurt makes me laugh...

Justin's POV
I ran after her as fast I could, she was not getting away, I wouldn't let her. She turned the block but I still didn't stop. After she turned another block and I couldn't see her. But NOTHING was gonna stop me. I finally caught up to her, I saw her trying to catch her breath. I slowly walked up to her and grabbed her arm. Our eyes met. I looked evilly into her ice blue eyes while I had a grin on my face. I could feel her shaking with fear. That made me smile even more.

"You really thought you could get away?" I asked. She didn't speak. I gripped tighter around her arm. "You should really start answering me..." I said angrily and slapped her. I laughed as she winced. Like I give a damn if she hurts, I actually enjoy it. Yea call me crazy. I don't care.

"Don't think I'm finished." I snapped at her and pushed her on ground. I kicked her side, then wrapped my hand around her neck and pulled her head up. "Just wait... Tomorrow you better be at school." I whispered in her ear then slammed her head against the ground.

I walked away tomorrow night after school was the Halloween party. Ryan and me were going, as well as everyone else at our school. But I knew Logan wasn't going to be there.. She's never been to any of the parties. And I mean ANY PARTIES. Oh well, I was gonna be at that party, get drunk, and maybe have a 'one night stand' with a hot girl. I'll just see what happens at the party....

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