Abuser. ( A Justin Bieber Fan Fic)

I'm Logan, a 17 year old girl, in Senior Year. Justin Drew Bieber, the most popular guy in school, bullies me. I can never get away, no matter how hard I try. He will always find me. Once you start reading this you will live and realize the pain I go through. To people he's a bully, and just the popular guy. To me he's my ABUSER.


4. School... The pain I faced!

(A/N okie Im sorry I didn't. Post new chapters lately, been busy! Okie so now I'm just gonna skip to the part when Logan gets to school since we all know she has to get dressed BLAAHHH ill describe the outfit she's wearing through out the story, also I write these on my iPhone so may be some auto correct! Anyways ENJOY! <3)

I stepped foot into the school wearing my neon orange Nike top with the Nike logo on front, also my denim jean shorts with my pair of white toms. I was shaking nervously waiting for the moment he would attack me... Any moment he could.... I just didn't know when.

I walked down the halls looking for Jaylynn and/or Kate. My two best friends ever! I never even told them about Justin... I just tell them I fall. Justin only really abuses me when no ones around. I wonder what he's like when he's drunk? Probably even more abusive then ever!

I decided to make a stop at the bathroom. I only wanted to see how my hair turned out. Earlier this morning I straighten but didn't have the time to look in the mirror before I left home. My dark brown hair looked Perfect! It went all the way to the bottom of my back. Great, but then it struck me. Justin. What if he's waiting outside of the bathroom right now knowing I'm in here messing around about my looks? I'm just to scared to face him today! Why did he hate me so much? I had to face him...

I walked out of the bathroom and walked down the quiet hallway, I usually showed up at school early, Just to be alone. I looked behind me and saw him. My eyes widen and I picked up my pace. I heard him come closer. I finally picked up my feet and ran. Ran as fast as I could, I made a sharp right turn and ran down the hallway. Until Ryan stopped me. "WHOAH, where do you think YOUR GOING?" He asked. I just shook in fear. "GOT HER JUSTIN!" Ryan yelled down the hallway. I saw Justin walk up to me and Ryan. Justin jerked my arm so I was pulled up close to him. Justin nodded to Ryan. I'm guessing that meant he could leave.

"Good Morning Babe... Nice try getting away." Justin whispered in my ear as he had my hands behind my back and had my body pulled up against him so my back was facing him. I made a little squeak as his grip got tighter on my wrists. Justin then let go of my arms and spun me around so my face met his. He looked deeply at my eyes. Then slapped me across the cheek. I groaned. He then grabbed my shoulders and slammed me against the locker. "Wonder what I should do today to you...." Justin said. He looked and studied my body.

I watched his eyes go from my feet, to my waist, to my chest, then back at my eyes. Suddenly his hand made a fist, as he pulled back his arm he looked at my stomach. Oh great.... He then use full force and punched me in my gut making me lose my air. He repeatedly kept punching my gut. I never got a moment for air. Not one. I collapsed to the floor as Justin looked at me and bent down. He then made a fist and punched me in my jaw. I then started crying. Crying of how much pain he caused today. Jaylynn and Kate weren't gonna be here, and they usually showed up at this time. My beating time was extended longer since they didn't show up. I felt blood ooze inside of mouth.

Justin looked at me and then stood up. I laid there, holding my jaw as blood leaked on the floor. Tonight was the Halloween Party, Jaylynn and Kate better be there. I never managed to get off the floor. Worst thing was.. I was left in the abandoned hallway. That got blocked off a year ago, which I don't know why it did.

It was now lunch time, I did miss 3 hours of class though... At least I made it to lunch, but I couldn't eat anything since my jaw is broken... Or I think it is, Justin could of just probably cracked a tooth. But my jaw was sore, and surely bruised. Jaylynn and Kate haven't showed up at all. So I sat alone at lunch.

After lunch I went to 7th hour, my last class without Justin! All I did was think about if Jaylynn and Kate could make it to the Halloween Party, and would Justin recognize me in my costume tonight at the party? Questions ran through my mind about tonight, and What ever happened to Jaylynn and Kate. Guess they would all be answered after school....
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