Abuser. ( A Justin Bieber Fan Fic)

I'm Logan, a 17 year old girl, in Senior Year. Justin Drew Bieber, the most popular guy in school, bullies me. I can never get away, no matter how hard I try. He will always find me. Once you start reading this you will live and realize the pain I go through. To people he's a bully, and just the popular guy. To me he's my ABUSER.


5. Its only the beginning of the Party.....


I finally finished putting on my make-up and costume. I had applied black liquid eyeliner on the top of my eyelids and black and blood red eyeshadow also. I also had clear lipgloss on and light pink blush. I was wearing a red dress with black lace that went across the waist and a black masquerade mask with black heels.

I texted Jaylynn to see if she was still coming.

Me: You still coming to the party Jay?

Jaylynn: Yeah! I'm dressing up as a warrior wbu? ;D

Me: I'm one of those masquerade girls or whatever but is Kate still coming? :P

Jaylynn: Yeah! She's being a vampire.. how orginal right? -.-

Me: Haha xD Yeah. Shes very creative! :D XD

Jaylynn: Lol xD Yup, we'll pick you up in 10 minutes! Byeeee :))))

10 minutes? Geez.. My stomach starting turning. Why was i so nervous? Oh yeah.. .Justin was probably gonna be there.... Hope he doesnt notice me...


"You almost ready Justin?!?" I heard Ryan yell from downstairs. I was up in my room getting ready for the Halloween party tonight at my place. Ryan was being a zombie. Even though he doesn't even look scary. I was being one of those masquerade men. I had a masquerade mask on with a Fedora, and i was wearing a tuxedo. Yeah, not very creative but it was a last minute choice!

"Yeah! Ready!" I shouted back at Ryan. I looked one last time in the mirror and straightend my tie. I then walked out of my room and walked downstairs. Damn, already about 10 people were here! I turned and saw Ryan. "Hey Man! So.. how many people are coming here tonight?" I asked. "I don't know... about like alot!" Ryan laughed. I laughed as well. Suddenly the door bell rang again. I ran over to the door and a group of about 30 people walked in! "Hey... Welcome to the party guys!" I said. They all said thanks and walked in. Now..... what should I do while i wait for more people? Oh yeah! I walked over to the kitchen and got out some shots. I poured one in a little shot glass and drank it. I could already feel the Alcohol coming inside of me.... This was gonna be a wild night...


*Ding Dong!* I heard my doorbell ring. Jaylynn and Kate were finally here! I ran downstairs wearing my costume. I opened the door to see Jaylynn and Kate standing before me. Jaylynn as a warrior, and Kate well you know a Vampire. "Whoah Logan! I love your costume!" Kate exclaimed. "Thanks, your costume is very original Kate!" I said teasing her. "Yeah thanks.." She said rolling her eyes. "You ready?" Jaylynn asked. "Yup! Lets go!" I said. We got into the car and drove off

About 20 minutes later we finally arrived at the party. I started shaking a little, I was so scared Justin was gonna see me! What if he does notice me? Well I guess I'll just have to find out. I got out of the car wearing my masquerade outfit with Jaylynn and Kate. We walked up to the door, Jaylynn knocked on the door. Ryan answered. "Sup Guys! Come on in! Join the party!..." Ryan said... I could smell of the alcoholic breath coming from his mouth. We all three walked in, The party was already crazy, People wearing costumes... and Drunks everywhere. People making out in corners. Wow.... Exactly why i dont like parties. 

I walked over to the Kitchen only to see Jusitn taking shots. Oh great.... I hope he doesnt notice me...!  I started to walk away when my arm got pulled on. "Who are you...?" Justin slurred. Yup he was drunk. I didnt answer... I didnt want him to know it was me. Logan. "Um... I'm a girl?..." Sounded more like a question then a answer... God I'm fucking stupid! "Well your really....Hot babe...!" Justin slurred once again. "Come hang out with me!" Justin then dragged me over to where he was taking shots. "Try one!" Justin shouted over the music which got louder. I never drank before.... Should i even try now? "Come on baby!..." Justin said. Oh lord... This felt so weird, Justin calling me Babe, Baby...HOT?! "Erm... Okay.." I said UGH WHY DID I SAY OKAY!?!?! I hate myself now..... Justin handed me a shot. I held the cold glass in my hand then tilted my head back as the cold icy liquid burned down my throat.

Wow.. To be honest it wasnt that bad! I tried about 3 more.... My vision started going off a little. Am I Drunk? Haha no.... "Come on babe... lets go dance!" Justin said. I nodded and he took my hand and went to the basement where the music was pumped up loud and guys and girls were grinding..... Justin led me into the crowd where people were dressed up as the weirdest things, but i didnt mind much... It is Halloween! Justin started grinding against me. I laughed and allowed him.

After about dancing to 20 songs, Justin led me out of the crowd and ran upstairs to his room. "What are we doing in here?" I asked Justin laughing. "Be quiet!" Just demanded. Oh god, Did he do this to every girl? He was now acting like his old self again..... Justin then pushed me up against the door and kissed down my neck. Oh no.... I knew this was only the beginning

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