Abuser. ( A Justin Bieber Fan Fic)

I'm Logan, a 17 year old girl, in Senior Year. Justin Drew Bieber, the most popular guy in school, bullies me. I can never get away, no matter how hard I try. He will always find me. Once you start reading this you will live and realize the pain I go through. To people he's a bully, and just the popular guy. To me he's my ABUSER.


6. It shouldn't be like this.

Logan's POV

Justin started kissing down my neck..... I put my hands on his chest and pushed him away. "Get away!" I said. Justin grabbed me by the arm. "Come on babe... don't be like this...." He whispered in my ear, chills ran down my spine as his cold breath hit my neck. I shook my head and jerked my arm away. "I said, Go away!" I said a little louder. Justin's eyes darkened, I could tell I made him angry.

"Say that one more time..." Justin said in a deep dark voice. "I said GET AWAY!!" I screamed and pushed him. I cant believe I just did that! Justin stumbled back drunkly and crashed into the lamp making it crash onto his head and started bleeding..... his forehead had a cut on it. I widen my eyes and ran out shakingly, I ran downstairs bumping into random people finding my way out and ran out of the house and ran home, I ran and ran. It didn't matter if I was drunk or not. I didn't care I stumbled a few times but I kept running, when I finally made it home I ran upstairs to my room, I couldn't believe what I just done...

*********************************The Next Day**********************************************************

Justin's POV

I woke up with a fucking huge pain in my head. I looked over to see a little puddle of blood. "What the...?" I whispered. I stood up and looked in the mirror, there was dry blood on it, and a big scar. How did I get this..? I looked over on my bed, No girl.... I didn't get laid.... How did this happen? I tried to think back of last night all I could remember was a girl... with long dark brown hair... and a masquerade mask..? I couldn't remember... my memory was blurry...

( A/N Okay sorry i havent updated.. this was all i can give you for now.. xD But yeah... Sorraayyy )

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