Victoria - 13 year old, genious, medium brown hair, blue eyes, tall, part of FBI team, dating 13 year old celebrity
Bailey - 35 year old, FBI team leader, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, dating luke bryan
Natalie - 19 year old, fighter in FBI, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, dating Louis Tomlinson
Kayla - 19 year old, ninja in FBI, brown with blue streaks hair, blue eyes, short yet still awesome, gravel hook :), dating Niall Horan, has an arm thingy that has the gravel hook shooting out the end of it on her wrist
Vanessa - 19 year old, assasin in FBI, Blonde hair, blue eyes, short yet as awesome as an assasin can be, has a bazooka, dating Harry Styles
Meghan - awesome computer skills, dating DC shoes and their inventor


2. Mission

Vicki POV

Okay, so this is how it all went down. We were trying to crack open a case that nobody had before. There were guns involved, but we were pros. The plan was: dont get caught. Bailey would be in on the deal, distracting the gun dealers. Kayla would get the kids out of the building through the window/back door. Vanessa was going to replace the guns with the ones that were props. Meghan would be in on the deal with Bailey. I would be in the van parked outside and ready to get in if the plan went wrong. Natalie would be in the air on her flying banana shooting acid bubbles to erase and evidence in the building.

Natalie POV

There was a deal including guns. They were holding children captive if they needed them for scams. Vanessa was going to replace the guns in the box (the real ones) before they even left the original warehouse, unguarded. The dealers would see the guns and think they were legit. Bailey and Meghan were going to be one of the dealers. Once they heard the kids escaping, they would take the dealing guns, ready to erase evidence. Kayla would take the kids and get them into the van. Before she could, they guys came into the scene, guns at the ready. Once they started shooting, they would hear all the noises, and it would feel like they were shooting, but they werent. Clean getaway. Natalie would be up in the air shooting acid bubbles out of her banana.

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