Victoria - 13 year old, genious, medium brown hair, blue eyes, tall, part of FBI team, dating 13 year old celebrity
Bailey - 35 year old, FBI team leader, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, dating luke bryan
Natalie - 19 year old, fighter in FBI, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, dating Louis Tomlinson
Kayla - 19 year old, ninja in FBI, brown with blue streaks hair, blue eyes, short yet still awesome, gravel hook :), dating Niall Horan, has an arm thingy that has the gravel hook shooting out the end of it on her wrist
Vanessa - 19 year old, assasin in FBI, Blonde hair, blue eyes, short yet as awesome as an assasin can be, has a bazooka, dating Harry Styles
Meghan - awesome computer skills, dating DC shoes and their inventor


3. How We All Met Part 1

Vicki POV

It was my first day in Los Angeles. I was going to be working in the FBI just cuz. Im joking im a genious with computers and stuff. I went through training school to prepare for this but i still get nervous thinking about it. I went to some cafe to finish off my homework for the next couple weeks for school just so i would have time for missions. Yes i still go to school while working in the FBI. Anyways, i was doing my homework when i got hit by a soccer or basketball. My nose started bleeding and the guy that threw the ball in my direction ( one direction lol ;) ). He was actually pretty cute. He asked me if i was okay. By then, he had already given me some tissues and laid my head back to stop the bleeding. We started talking and we exchanged phone numbers!!!!! :) I was wearing all of this http://www.hollisterco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10201&storeId=10251&langId=-1&categoryId=43454&parentCategoryId=43454&topCategoryId=12552&productId=676873&seq=01



Kayla POV

Niall and i met when i was working a mission in england. Part of my job was to be the crew in the backstage of the xfactor and the boys' (one direction's) video diaries. I got food for Niall as a small part of my job. Someone working in the video diaries backstage working the camera or something was threatening Niall. My job was to protect him. I was with him almost all the time, even outside of the performances. He asked me to dinner one night wanting to discuss "how well his performances were", yet he said nothing about that. That date turned into more dates, which turned into a relationship. :)


Natalie POV

Louis and i knew each other since forever. I have a huge family. Our families are very close together and we just happen to be the same age, and have the same interests. We are both the funniest in our group of friends. God i love him. He is the sweetest and the most gentle and there is nothing bad i have to say about him.


Bailey POV

Unlike everyone else, i met my husband Luke Bryan at a concert. I had backstage tickets to his concert one night. What can i say, im a country girl. We talked for a while about stuff like our favorite music and our favorite country singers. I was fangirling, wearing this:


Vanessa POV

His curly hair is my favorite thing about him. Also, his love of cats. Harry Styles. He is a lot sweeter than the media makes him out to be. The first date we had was when we were 15 or maybe younger, so i knew him before he was in one direction. Noone knows about him and i except his family. Not even his agents or anyone else know. Its killing me, but its funny to see how stupid the papparazi is about Harry dating other girls. The reason not many people know is because after he saw what happend to a lot of celebrity's girlfriends (hate) he loves me so much he didnt want me to go through all that. We have been meeting secretly (mainly through my friends like people papparazi through harry was dating instead of me) and i missed him on the tour.



Meghan POV

I was a shoe model at dc shoes. One day the guy who invented them came by to see the shoot and he noticed me.  He started talking to me and gave me a call following a promotion the next morning.




All of us, we knew what we were getting into (meaning) all the hate we are going to get from fans and others.


*Oh i forgot. As our cover stories, we had different names and we are all models for our privacy protection from the media and other people that want to kill, or potentially harm us.


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