Clouston Hall

*100% true except I forgot the names srry! So I made up names and put them in.*
The girl who died in the banister, the renters who died mysteriously, the stories of the paranormal activity at this modern day art gallery. Taken place in the 1880's and made me pee my pants for months (LOL JK but I was scared.). Keep readin for a true story, and my entry for the spooky story competition.


1. The Halls background.

A Old hall from the civil war, historic and beautiful, but the
Stories on the inside of the house are quite gory. Let's start with the girl. A beautiful girl indeed she was in her teens, brunette, but in depression, she didn't want to marry who she had too. "I refuse to marry him!" she would complain. But all the people did was ignore her, underestimated her, boy were they wrong. "Girl, why don't you want to marry him?" her mother ways asked. "He is mean, rich and not the one for me." the girl always replied. The day before her wedding she COULD NOT take it, she can't marry him! She didn't want to and she refused. When the house (modern day clouston hall.) was empty, she went up to the banister and hung herself. She died from suicide. The people came back home to see her hanging limp. As they took down her body, her body was swinging, swing...swing. Now a bit in the future. The family or people decided to rent out the house in half, to fit two people. The two people came around and saw eachother but rarely talked. One day the one man on the left side said "where has the other man been its been a week?" well he walked into the room where he lives. Horror had filled the mans eyes, the man was dead on the floor. The people brought the mans body out, as the man from the left side stays traumatized. A bit MORE in the future is a women and she hated the union marching through the streets she couldn't imagine it happening, and she refused to let it. So one day she was lighting the fire in the the fire place, an idea struck her. She picked up the sizzling coals in a bucket and poured it on the bridge, where the union would march across. Unfortunatly for her the bridge didn't burn in time, and it caused the very war 2 years later. A few hours later a union general came barging up to everyone's house to find out who did it, she was scared and opened up but hiding a gun. She was about to shoot before the man stopped her as she shot it. It bounced back and burned off her thumb. Later in life she always wore gloves and stuffed
The thumb with cotton to make it look normal.

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