This Isn't a Dream

I am a very good girl. I do everything just to stay out of trouble but one day, when i met One Direction's Harry Styles. My world kinda turned upside down. Harry and me talked and talked then he ask me out on a date and everything seemed kinda easy. Harry introduced me to the other boys Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. I became Harry's girlfriend but you all may wonder what its like being his girlfriend.... Everything is sweet with One Direction. Read this story to find out more amazing events.


4. Sweet!

Me and Harry were still at the pool. I was swimming so fast that Harry couldn't even catch up with me. I got to the edge and climbed up to get out of the pool while Harry was catching up with me. I ran with my clothes all wet. Harry got out of the pool and chased me around. He was running with just his boxers on. It was pretty awkward for me actually. " You can't catch me!" I teased him. He said " oh really? Lets see it!." I said " Yeah let's do it." Harry said " and if I win you're gonna have to give me something." I said looking a little frightened " Like what?." Harry looked at me with this face that is making me scared. Then he winked. He said smiling " I think you know what I mean." I finally realized what he want. I quickly said " No! No! No way! This is just our first date! You are SO ....." Harry interrupt " awesome I know right.". I looked up at him. I ran right to the garden with all my clothes wet. Harry called out " Babe where are you going?.". He followed me. He said " Sweetheart, what's the matter?." I didn't answer. I was very disappointed. Harry said rubbing my back " Love, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Fine you're not giving me anything." I looked at him. Harry said smiling " c'mon! I know you can smile..... Please?.". I didnt smile. Harry kissed me on my lips. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I looked at this emerald eyes. He was smiling at me. He said teasing me " Who made you very wet?." I said " Who else? You!." he laughed. He said " Youre too cute." I smiled. Harry said " yay finally!." I laughed. I said " now how am I gonna change? I didnt bring any clothes with me. I didn't expect this to happen." Harry said " sorry well you could stay with me for tonight and we can wash your wet clothes and dried it up and you can wear my clothes for tonight then you can go home tomorrow.... Up to you..." I said " I guess so I dont have anymore choice. I'm staying with you for tonight." we both went in the house. Harry was so wet and so was I. Harry said " I gotta go to the bathroom to change. You can go in my room to change ill get the clothes for you." Harry got some of his clothes. He said " there!." Harry went into the bathroom. I went into his room and got change. Just then I realized that there was no underwear to wear. Oh gosh! I just remembered I opened my bag and saw an extra underwear that I always take with me. Whew! I put on my underwear and put on Harry's shirt. The problem now is that I really forgot to bring a bra. So I didn't wear any bra. I put on the pants and I was done. Harry was still at the bathroom. I wonder why his so slow.
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