This Isn't a Dream

I am a very good girl. I do everything just to stay out of trouble but one day, when i met One Direction's Harry Styles. My world kinda turned upside down. Harry and me talked and talked then he ask me out on a date and everything seemed kinda easy. Harry introduced me to the other boys Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. I became Harry's girlfriend but you all may wonder what its like being his girlfriend.... Everything is sweet with One Direction. Read this story to find out more amazing events.


5. Staying the night with Haz

Harry got out of the bathroom. I was sitting down at the couch and feeling so uncomfortable with just the shirt on and nothing else inside. Harry sat next to me. He said " hey babe! Whatchadoing?." I said " what do you think I'm doing?." Harry said " I don't know. You're thinking to kiss me?." I said laughing " you're crazy!." Harry said " Thanks for the compliment cutie. So what do you wanna do tonight?." I said " I dont know sleep.?" Harry said " probably." The boys were back. Harry said " Hey guys where were you all?." Louis said " oh we were just at Eleanor's house. We were watching this movie and it was fun." Harry said " why didnt you guys watch here?." Louis said " we didn't wanna disturb you guys on your date. So how did the date turned out?." Harry said " it turned out pretty well. She's my lady now! Nobody touch Carrie!." I said laughing " HARRY!." Harry said " what? I told them they can't touch you." I sighed. I said to the boys " guys don't listen to Harry. He's so weird he keeps making me scared like all the time and he so...... Well.... So..." Harry said " just spit it out and say the word HOT!." The boys laughed. Niall said " you know what Carrie you'll get used to Harry." I said " I hope so." I went inside Harry's room. I was sitting there smiling in happiness. Harry followed me then he shut the door. He sat next to me. I looked at his emerald eyes. He whispered to me " I love you." I said " I love you too baby." Harry said " my little friend really wants you babe." I yelled " NO WAY!." Harry said " wanna touch it to make sure?." I quickly said " NO!." Harry teased me " Oh cmon you have to do it in several days plus you're gonna see it tonight." I said " EWWWW!." It was 8pm. Harry said " wanna go to sleep now?." I said " sure." Harry said " Babe,I really hope you don't mind but I like getting naked all the time and when I go to sleep so I might do it. Please let me..... Or if you want me to get away from you, I could sleep somewhere else." I said " ofcourse not I wanna sleep next to my boyfriend. Fine I don't mind." Harry jumped up and down. Harry said " do you wanna close your eyes so you won't see me naked?." I said " um.... Ok." I covered my eyes with the blanket. Harry took off his shirt then his pants and underwear. Harry said " you can't open your eyes now unless you want to see me." I said " ugh!.". Harry laid down on the bed. He sound asleep so I sneaked. I saw his little "friend". Oh my gosh! It is pretty huge! No offense! I really like it! But Harry was gonna open his eyes so I hide again. I got away from him.
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