This Isn't a Dream

I am a very good girl. I do everything just to stay out of trouble but one day, when i met One Direction's Harry Styles. My world kinda turned upside down. Harry and me talked and talked then he ask me out on a date and everything seemed kinda easy. Harry introduced me to the other boys Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. I became Harry's girlfriend but you all may wonder what its like being his girlfriend.... Everything is sweet with One Direction. Read this story to find out more amazing events.


2. Back Home..✨

I was walking down to my house. I was still in shock because I just couldn't believe Harry Styles and me actually met in REAL life. The big twist is that he said "I Love You" to me. That was pretty sweet. I got home.

Mom said " Hey hon how was the LONG walk?"

I said smiling " It was nice and fun."

Mom said " That's interesting."

I said " I gotta go to my room. I'll see ya guys later."

I ran upstairs to my bedroom. I was studying for my Math Test. Just then my phone rang. My ringtone was the One Direction ringtone. It's so good to hear. I picked it up and answered it.

*Phone Conversation*
Me =Me
H =Haz

Me: Hi. Who is this?."
H: Hello beautiful! Its Harry by the way."
Me : Oh hi Harry and thank you."
H : Hello how are you?."
Me : Super fine thank you."
H : that's good. Hey I wanna ask you something."
Me : like what?."
H : it's really hard to say."
Me : just say it out it doesn't matter."
H : Wait I need to know your name first."
Me : oh my name is Carrie."
H : that rhymes with my name. Anyways Carrie I think you're really beautiful and I wanna get to know you like more coz I think you have a really good personality and I just love it. I know I just met you today but I'm really serious. I can be your prince and you can be my princess. Will you go on a date with me?."
Me : Thank you! I think you're also really sweet and romantic. Ofcourse I'll go on a date with you. Who wouldnt?!

We both laughed.

H: ok thank you so much! I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8am. I love you."
Me : I love you too."

Then we both hang up. I was like the happiest girl living on earth. Now that I think about it what just happened wasn't a dream.
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