Stole My Heart

Natalie is your average 18 year old girl. She loves her life in New York she has no idea where she was born and raised for the first 7 years of her life. She loves any type of music especially music by One Direction. Yeah she a directioner, so what her friends and family just don't understand. If you ask her who's her favorite in the band and why, she would answer "All of them of course, because they aren't afraid to show people who they really are, and I respect that. Plus they are really hot." Even though she has a soft spot for Niall, nothing will change her perspective of life. Her life get turned upside down when she moves to who knows where, and when weird memories start appearing.


6. A New Relationship

(Natalie's P.O.V)

When i woke up it was around 10 o'clock in the morning. I did my morning routine and got dress in my cookie monster snap back, black and blue Osiris shoes, my favorite cookie monster tee, and some stonewashed jeans. I went downstairs and grabbed breakfast. While I was eating I grabbed the house phone and dialed Gregg's number.

~~~~Phone Call~~~~


"Hey Gregg, it me Natalie."

"Oh hey Nat wotcha need?"

"I was wondering can you take me into town so i can get a new phone. It's ok if you don't want to take me though."

"Nah it's okay be ready in 10 ok"

"Ok see ya then bye"


~~~~End Of Phone Call~~~~

I finished eating and washed my plate and waited outside. I made sure that I had my key, money, and other things. I heard a car honk and saw it was Gregg. I smiled and got into the car and we drove off.

"So Nat, how are ya liking Ireland so far?"

"It's ok I guess, but my parents told me that I lived here up until i was 7."

"Yeah that's true. You don't know this but I've known you since you were born."

"Really, why don't I remember any of this?"

"I don't know Nat, but while we're heading to get you a new phone what type of phone do you want?"

"Well I want the same kind of phone that I already have."

"Which is?"

"An iPhone 4s I still want to keep in touch with you and every new friend I meet here. Plus I have all of my music on my laptop."

Well ok let's go get you your new phone."

(Gregg's P.O.V)

I cannot believe that Natalie came back to Ireland. She was Niall's best friend but is it weird for me to have feeling for her when she is around his age. But this is no normal crush for me, I've had a crush on since she was around 6. I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll confess my feeling for her. 

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