Stole My Heart

Natalie is your average 18 year old girl. She loves her life in New York she has no idea where she was born and raised for the first 7 years of her life. She loves any type of music especially music by One Direction. Yeah she a directioner, so what her friends and family just don't understand. If you ask her who's her favorite in the band and why, she would answer "All of them of course, because they aren't afraid to show people who they really are, and I respect that. Plus they are really hot." Even though she has a soft spot for Niall, nothing will change her perspective of life. Her life get turned upside down when she moves to who knows where, and when weird memories start appearing.


4. A New Beginning (part 2)

I'm finally going to meet one of my Idols. I'm going to live nest door to him. I can't wait to meet him. Listen to me I'm already fangirling about Niall and I haven't even met him yet. Ok I need to calm down on the hour drive to the new house. I need to act cool around Niall, I do t want him to think I'm some crazed fan.

The entire way I was listening to Stand Up by One Direction of course. So far I know that the band is taking a short break before they start their new tour.

I felt a rush of cold air and saw my father standing right next to me. I got out of the taxi and took a look at the house. Then I looked to see what I was wearing. I was wearing my One Direction tee shirt with my green 'I heart Niall' sweater, black jeans and my green vans.

Niall's P.O.V
I was at home in my room playing my guitar. I live music especially playing music with my four best mates. I love those lads. I stopped playing and went downstairs to get something to eat. My dad was in the kitchen. He told me that one of his old mates was moving in next door and that he had a daughter around my age.

I heard a car pull up and I looked out the window trying not to be noticed. I saw the most beautiful girl climb out of the car. She was wearing almost the same thing as me: green vans, black jeans, and a green sweater the only thing about her sweater is the if said ' I heart Niall' on the front. So she as a fan just hopefully not the kind of fan that know every single thing about my life. No Offence.

I can't believe I'm saying this but this girl automatically Stole My Heart from the moment I laid my eyes at her.
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