Let's Begin Again

**this story is 1D not famous! And I will not take all credit my friend wrote a lot of this!**
Alicia Westbrooke, 17, blonde, and in love with a blonde Irish lad named Niall Horan, but when drama starts with her best friend, Ava's relationship with nialls friend, Harry. a mystery forms, life seems like the lads are going in circles, what happened? Who did that? Why did they? Read this to find out.


1. A New Friend?

"Alicia its time for school, your gonna be late!" My mom hollers from the living room. The light from outside becomes overwhelming and I flinch back under the blanket. "One second mom!" I shout down the hall. I slowly rise with a sigh. It's my first day of college, new friends, and a busier schedule. I quickly throw on a floral tank top with a jean jacket to balance it all out. Along with that, I put on some cute skinny jeans which pulls it all together. The first day of college matters, I mean i need to look somewhat  bearable so no one runs away at first glance! I get up slowly and head to my small bathroom. The bathrooms walls were beige, with a marble counter below the mirror. I brush out my dry, curly dirty blonde hair. I grab a ponytail holder and put my hair up in a loose, down the side braid. "ALICIA HURRY WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!" my mom calls up again. I sigh and look at the time on my iPhone, it's 7:30 AM! "IM FRICKING COMING MOM, CHILL!" I scream in frustration. Moms, what's up with them? They need to chill out sometimes.
"YOU NEED TO BE THERE BY 8:15 ALICIA!" She bugs again.  I make a run for my car keys and black toms then run out the door. "BYE MOM LOVE YOU!" I shout as I slam the old, glass door. 
(Nialls POV.)
First day of college, and I'm running late. Isn't this great? I comb my blonde/brown hair into a quiff. "that's about right." I mutter under my breath. I'm wearing a red polo and some khaki pants. Hey don't judge I need to look at least somewhere close to appealing, I mean really, how do I get a girlfriend? I grab my car keys and phone before I leave my room. "Hey mom I'm leaving now!" I shout at the front door. "No I need to get first day pictures!" my mom yells. "MOM IM RUNNING LATE!" "Fine then, just have a good day, BE SAFE, MAKE RIGHT CHOICES!" she hollers as a shut the door. Moms. 
Ugh, how am I supposed to make new friends with them in the freaking way?! I go to turn the car on, instead of the pleasant noise of a engine, a quiet rumbling noise replaces it. I turn the keys in the silver key hole again. Yet, nothing happens. Great this is the best day ever. The battery's dead! The battery must've died over night! What am I gonna do?! This is great!! Just great! I look down the street at a girl getting in her silver car, her blonde hair is pulled in a side braid, and she seems to be in a rush too. "HEY! By any chance are you going to University of Entertainment right now? I shout with desperation. "Yea why?" she yells back obviously confused. "Well, I need a ride..." I say while blushing.
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