Until the End of Time

Harmony Breeze is a 16 year old girl that has an amazing life with her boyfriend, Bobby, her mother, and her step-dad. She is a HUGE directioner that went to school with Liam. She finds an amazing surprise when she gets home from a long day at school.


1. What?

I come home from school and it's been a really long day, so I sit on the couch to watch some TV when I come across an interview with One Direction, so I decided to watch that. It was in the middle of the interview when the interviewer asks;

"Any of you have crushes on someone?"

"Actually, I have a big crush on this one girl that I went to high school with, her name is Harmony Breeze." Liam replied with a slight blush on his face.

 I was in a huge shock! Liam Payne has a crush on ME, some high school loser. I couldn't help but go right to my phone and text Bobby, my boyfriend.

"I was watching a One Direction interview and Liam said he had a crush on me!" I texted him with a big, huge, gigantic smile on my face.

"But you're not going to leave me, right?" Bobby asked me, I hesitated, so I didn't answer back.

I went to twitter and tweeted Liam.

"I just watched your interview with Samantha Rolinstein."

I layed back on the couch still thinking about Liam and what just happened. But then, I got a tweet. It was Liam.

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