Just a Simple Mastake

Bella was just a regular 19 year old when she got out of school she thought that she saw her dads van. But instead she opens the door and she sees 5 very cute boys she mostly keps her eye on the blond guy (Niall). What Will happen when she falls in love with Niall or will management get in the way of them???


3. waiting

Louis P.O.V.

We were still in the hospital Bellas head rested on Nialls shoulder as Nialls head was leading back. I decided to wake them up so I sat right in front of them and yelled in there ears"WHO WANTS DINNER!!!!!" they both jumped and yelled "WHAT THE HELLOUIS!!" I said "I am hungry" Niall shot up and said "NANDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bella said " what the Fuck is Nandos???? Niall sat there schoked and said " only the best restraunt in the world!!"

we all went to Nandos......

Bella's P.O.V.

 (after Nandos) It was at least midnight I brought my guitar for some reason it made me feel under control so I started strumming and humming along with the beat of my guitar. then I here another guitar strumming and I here the most beautiful voices there right in front of stood Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis they were singing "More Than This" to me. So I finally got the beat down and walked right between Louis and Niall I strummed the beat. I got the words down so I started to sing it was about the middle of the song so then we played a few more songs then we were done, So I sat in a chair Niall sat beside me so I put my head on his shoulder and fell right asleep again.

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