Just a Simple Mastake

Bella was just a regular 19 year old when she got out of school she thought that she saw her dads van. But instead she opens the door and she sees 5 very cute boys she mostly keps her eye on the blond guy (Niall). What Will happen when she falls in love with Niall or will management get in the way of them???


5. this is just so much to ask for tho

Bella's P.O.V

when Niall said I could stay with them I sat there and just stared at Niall, then to Zayn then back to Niall.  my mouth was open I just sat there in disbelief then, Zayn was skyping up someone on his laptop I herd a lot of boys in the background. Zayn gave me the laptop and I saw Liam, Louis, and Harry, Harry didn't have his shirt on (typical Harry) I told him to put on a shirt but he refused so I didn't push it. they all told me that it was ok if I stayed with them so I agreed.


Nialls P.O.V

I was so excited when Bella wanted to live with us..... but there was a few problems where would she sleep, what would management say and what if we go on tour or to concerts around the world?

*2 hours later*

Bella's P.O.V

I asked all of them when I got home "where will I sleep" harry was the first to jump up and say "me me me  you can sleep with me" all of the boys sat and gave harry a death glare than harry mumbled "never mind" Zayn, and Louis refused because they had girlfriends so harry, and Niall rock paper scissors over me Niall won then Niall went up against Liam ,and Niall won so I got to sleep in Nialls room I was screaming and jumping up and down inside me  because I have kind of starting to fancy Niall.

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