Just a Simple Mastake

Bella was just a regular 19 year old when she got out of school she thought that she saw her dads van. But instead she opens the door and she sees 5 very cute boys she mostly keps her eye on the blond guy (Niall). What Will happen when she falls in love with Niall or will management get in the way of them???


1. oppps....

Bella's P.O.V.

School was finally over i saw my dads van, the door was unlocked I opened the door there sat 5 majorly hot guys. At the same time they all said "wrong car" they all started to laugh I chipped in along cuz i have to admitt it was pretty funny. The blond guy said "need a lift love" at that exact moment I just stood there froze after about what felt like hours but it was only there for about a few seconds I said "sure" there wasn't enough room in the van to get me in so the blond guy offered to sit in the truck of the van I said "no it's fine I will sit on the floor" so I did. I asked what there names were  there was Harry(curly haired boy), Niall (Blondie),  Zayn (black hair), Liam ( the mature one),and Louis ( the over dramatic one) I told them my name Bella we all exchanged numbers. Right when I was about to shut the door Niall whispered in my ear and said "call me later" it immediately sent a chill down my back but I said "ok.. will do."

Niall's P.O.V.

The moment I saw Bella in the door way of the van I knew she was the one for me. When I saw her my heart beat a thousand miles a Minuit. But I could tell that if I went out with her management would be pissed off.


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