Just a Simple Mastake

Bella was just a regular 19 year old when she got out of school she thought that she saw her dads van. But instead she opens the door and she sees 5 very cute boys she mostly keps her eye on the blond guy (Niall). What Will happen when she falls in love with Niall or will management get in the way of them???


4. Just Hope and Wait

Zayn's P.O.V.

since the 2 sleeping beauty's (Niall, & Bella) were well.... sleeping when the doctor came out Liam, Louis, & Harry went home. So I had to tell them the news when they woke up that, Bella's father hit a major part of the brain so he Is now dead. I just didn't know how to tell Bella without breaking her heart I felt so bad for her.

Nialls P.O.V.

Bella hadn't woke up yet so I decided to talk to Zayn he told me that her father was dead, they had to sell her house, she was poor, and now she had no where to go. I told Zayn to ring up the boys at the house Zayn gave me the phone and asked if she could stay at the flat for awhile till she gets back up on her feet. they all said " sure but she might need to sleep on the couch" then In the background I herd someone say "she could stay in my room" then I herd  Liam yell "NO HARRY SHE CANT SLEEP WITH YOU, YOU MIGHT TRY TO PULL SOMETHING OFF!!!" I starts to laugh  . After that Bella woke up so we had to tell her the news it just broke our (Zayn's and my) hearts.


Bella's P.O.V.

 I woke up to the sound of Niall laughing, then  they told me that my  father was dead, they had to sell my house, I was poor, and now I had no where to go. I then herd Niall say that "I had 1 month to get my stuff out and that I could stay with them."

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