Just a Simple Mastake

Bella was just a regular 19 year old when she got out of school she thought that she saw her dads van. But instead she opens the door and she sees 5 very cute boys she mostly keps her eye on the blond guy (Niall). What Will happen when she falls in love with Niall or will management get in the way of them???


2. Heartache and dissapointment

Bella's P.O.V.

when I arrived home I forgot my key so, I had to get the spare out the spare key from under the welcome matt. I opened the door and, all I saw was father on the floor surrounded by blood with a gun by his head. my mother died shortly after I was born so he was all I had. the first thing  I did was call 911, then the boys.

Louis P.O.V.

When Bella called I immediately  started to tear up. she said I was the last she called so I got in my car and rushed to the hospital I was basically speeding at the time. and when I got there I saw Bella crying her eyes out.


Bella's P.O.V.

We all raced to the hospital I wasn't allowed to go in the operation room. Louis was the last one to get there but I hated to have them see me crying. We all sat in the waiting room I sat there bawling the I felt soft lips touch my cheek I looked up my eyes red an poufy there stood Niall I saw him pull out 2 rings in the same box they were heart shaped wit a crack going down the middle when u put the 2 rings together they say Best Friends Forever he asked "what half do you want" I said surprise me he gave me Half I noticed that it was a mood ring Niall gave me the paper that had all the moods my color was dark purple witch meant I was upset I gave him a tight hug and started to bawl and cry into Niall's chest he didn't min if I got his shirt wet and stained with tears he sat there and cuddled me and eventually I fell asleep on his  shoulder and he rested his head on mine.

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