The fight for tomorrow.

Efter lang tids venten, fik jeg endelig omsat nogle tanker til ord.


1. The only one for me

I feel so helpless, for now I won’t know.

You don’t believe me, but don’t want to see you go.

I wish to strangle you with your own words, to you fall apart.

Give me your heart, so I can break it and see it fall apart.

Be my angel for tonight and let me hit you with my anger.

For now I hate you!

I wish that I could ask you, and get a straight answer.

But instead, instead, we fight.

We fight to win, to lose.

It is never ending.

Just another song, another dance.

More blood to spill on our souls.

With a mug in my hand, I feel like I understand.

I have the upper hand, so please give the chance to win!

For now I hate you, but tomorrow we will be beautiful again.

It is this fight which makes us human.

We will walk with the unanswered questions by our heart.

Till the next time we hit the dance floor.

Maybe we should break the chain, so this will be the end.

But we can’t.

We can’t just yet.

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