Once in a Lifetime <3

Emma meets One Direction at a signing, little did she know they would.....


1. The Signing

Emma's POV

I'm 5' 4", average looking. I have wavy dark brown hair, with blue streaks in it and hazel eyes. Also I'm 15, turning 16 in December! I've got good people skills, love to talk, and have extremly funny sounding laughs and sneezes. I play lots of sports, almost anyone I can.
"Get down here, I've got something for you!" my mom yelled up the stairs. I ran down and saw my mother holding a ticket.
"Here, I got you a ticket to a signing for that band you love Two Directions?" She said.
"One Direction, mom," I replied.
"Well, here you go you're like 12th in line," she told me.
"Aw! Thank you!" I screamed. The tickets were for today at 3:30 pm. I dressed in skinny jeans and an over the shoulder black top with red One Direction Toms.

----2 hours later----
I was two people away from meeting the world's cutest boys! Finally, I stepped up to Zayn. I set down my books, CDs, and poster for him to sign.
He smirked, "Got enough stuff?"
"Actually I don't think I do," I replied. He laughed and slid my stuff down to Niall.
"Here this is for you," I said handing him an orange beard.
"Nice, now I'm really the 1D Leperchaun!" He laughed.
"Glad you like it," I responded.
He smiled at me and passed my stuff to Harry.
"Hi Harold!" I squealed.
"Ello love," he replied signing my items. He slowly scooted my memorabilia to Liam.
"Looks like you made Niall happy," Liam said.
"I guess so," I replied watching Niall do an Irish jig in his beard, for some fans.
"See you love," said Liam handing my stuff to Louis.
"Hope you don't mind, but can I see your ticket?" Asked Lou.
"Sure thing," I handed him my ticket and Lou passed it to a security guard, who wrote something down. Louis signed my fan items and gave my back my ticket. I was pushing my way out of the crowd of teenage girls to the doors, when an announcement filled the building.
"We will now be naming a ticket number, that lucky fan will meet the boys later in their room. The winner is.........ticket number.........485012," the man announced.
I looked down and nearly fainted that was my ticket number.
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