Once in a Lifetime <3

Emma meets One Direction at a signing, little did she know they would.....


2. The Boys

Emma's POV
"Last call for ticket number 485012, last call 485012," echoed throughout the room. I jumped up and down waving my hands in the air.
"It's me," I yelled, "it's me!"
Out of nowhere a security quart pulled me aside, checked my ticket and put me in a room.
"Wait in here, the boys will come soon," said Mr. Security Guard; and in case you were wondering it wasn't Paul. The room look pretty normal, well it was a dressing room. There was some food, bags, and a few particles of clothing laying a round. I noticed there was also a table, two couches and a chair; the chair I was seated in.
"So, who's the lucky fan?" Asked Niall as they walked in.
"Me," I said waving.
"Hi, gotta name?" Asked Harry.
"Emma, Emma Riched," I replied.
"Pretty name," said Liam.
"Thanks," I replied. I was really excited but kept my cool. I mean here I am sitting in a dressing room with the five hottest guys on the planet.
"So curious about what we can do together?" Asked Zayn.
"Yes, want to tell me," I said.
"Basically, we get do to whatever we want and go wherever, hopefully well become great friends," said Zayn.
"Hungry?" Asked Niall.
"Ya, I could go for some food," I replied.
"Let's go then," Liam said linking arms with me and walking out the door. We were guided to a car with black tinted windows. After we sat down Zayn offered me a Pepsi and I started to sip it. The boys asked me questions like what my favorite colors are, age, and other funny things.

We walked into the restaurant and were led to a back room I never knew existed. I ordered a chicken salad and a cherry Pepsi.
"So Emma what's an average day of school like for you?" Asked Liam.
"Well, I go to my language class; Chinese. Then I chat with friends through my science and ELA classes. We eat lunch and play football outside with the guys, and I have algebra 3 as my last hour," I answered.

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