Hidden Silence

Raegan and Harry have been together for four years since high school; they were high school sweethearts. Something inevitable threatens to tear them apart but how strong is their love?

(A/N: In this story, they aren't One Direction, just friends.)


1. Prologue

She had come home late that night and she knew it. She slowly opened the door and tip-toed slowly into the flat. She saw the curly-haired boy sleeping on the couch and she felt disgusted with herself. She had never hated herself this much for doing this to him. What had happened to her? This was the time he needed her the most and she wasn't there; she was rarely there these days.

She took off her clothes and stepped into the shower hoping to wash away the guilt. She crouched down to the floor while the water splashed over her head and sobbed into her hands. What happened to her? She couldn't stop asking herself this particular question because deep down she was aware that she knew the answer to the burning question but she was never going to admit it because it wasn't her. It couldn't be because of that and that was what she kept telling herself.

She walked out of the shower and slipped into shorts and Harry's old soccer jersey he wore in high school; he was captain. She smiled at the thought as it soon brought back memories of their high school days. They were prom king and queen and that wasn't because it was typical for the captain of the soccer team and his babe to win the crowns but it was because they truly deserved it. They were in love and the whole school knew. Raegan couldn't picture herself with anybody else but things were starting to change and she hated it. They were HarRae and that wasn't supposed to change, ever. But life had other plans for the both of them.

Raegan wiped a tear that had escaped from her eye. She wasn't going to cry, she had to stay strong for the both of them. She walked back into the living room towards the sleeping figure. She lightly shook Harry, "Hey," she cooed. "Let's go to bed." She took in his features, his very pale face illuminating under the dim lights in the living room. She closed her eyes and held his hand as he slowly sat up.

"Where were you?" he asked softly. "I was worried."

She smiled weakly, "I'm sorry for making you worry, I was at my sister's place." She felt dirty again as soon as those filthy lies came out of her lips.

He stood up while holding her hand, "No need to apologize, love. I was just worried about you." he said as they made their way towards the bedroom, holding hands. Just like they did in the school halls; they were always holding hands.

They both got into bed and he wrapped his arms around her slender body, "You know I love you, right." It was like he was trying to kill her with his words.

She nodded, "You tell me everyday, Harry and you know I love you too." she said as she shut her eyes to avoid crying. The words she was once used to now sounded strange on her lips.

"I'll always love you." After that she heard his slight snores echo throughout the room and she hated herself the more as seconds passed. What happened to her? Instead of being there for Harry, the supposedly love of her life, she was out with Louis, his supposedly best friend.

What happened to her?

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