What happened in the house, stays in the house


1. What happened in the house, stays in the house

I walked on the and They asked me "Name,age, why are you here?" I said "Latisha Edwards,10 and because I just love singing I have sand since I was a little little girl and Im going to be singing Give your heart a break by Demi Lovato" so I sang my heart out and I got four yes's.So I was Off to Spain but I still didnt know who my judge was but I made a friend called Maddie she was so nice we shared a room when we got there. We where all waiting in the room When out judge walked in it was ... Tulisa I screamed and hugged her Maddie had to pull me off. We sang out song for her then the next day we found out who Got trough it was Me, Maddie and Amiee. I was soo surpried

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