Remembering You (ON HOLD!!)

15 year old Veronica Hanks is a bullied teen and has no friends. With her sister's cancer getting worse and her other sister moving soon, Veronica is really pushed to the edge. When the new girl, Ember Trents, comes along and is now Veronica's only friend, everything is looking better. But when tragedy strikes, will Veronica be able to handle it or will she be pushed to say good-bye to everything she knows?


13. The Date

Ember´s POV

Today i went to school but i just couldn´t pay attention to the classes. I was too ansious for tonight´s date with Kendall. I mean, he is really so hot! It seemed that every minute was longer. I couldn´t stop looking at the clock. When school was over i rushed to my house and straight to my room.My mom already knows about Kendall and everything, so i don´t have to worry about telling her anymore. I rushed to the shower and showered. During the shower i was singing "One More Night" by Maroon 5. I sucked at singing but hey, everybody sings in the shower, hehehe. I finished up and went to my room. I picked a flowery dress from Hollister. I slipped my white/silver heels and put a little make up. Some foundation, eye liner, mascara, lip gloss. I grabbed the hand bag that matched my heels with my phone, wallet, lip gloss, little mirror, headphones and my keys. I put my silver bracelet and heart earings. 'I´m ready' i thought to myself. Now i am here. Sitting on the sofa waiting for Kendall.


Kendall´s POV

I invited Ember out. Weird? Maybe. I don´t know. I know i barely know her but i want to get to know her. The thing is, I also want to get to know Veronica. I barely talk to her and she has been in this school since she was little. I just think that if i invite her out, everyone will start saying that i invited a loser out and everyone will start thinking that maybe i am not as cool as i seem. It seem´s selfish. I know. Anyways, school is over for today so went home. I watched some tv and then decided to get ready for my date with Ember. I showered and during the shower i was singing "Come Together" by The Beatles. Girls are not the only ones who sing in the shower, ok? I headed to my room and put my jeans on. I put a plain black shirt and a black leather jacket. But then i thought i would look like a "bad boy" and i don´t like that so i changed to a plain white shirt and a blue plaid shirt unbuttoned over. I looked fine. I grabbed my phone and wallet, each item in either sides of my pockets. I decided to drive off to Ember´s place. I got there and i was greeted by a beautiful girl looking indescredibly gorgeous. I just wonder what Veronica would look like. She would look just as beautiful. Maybe even more.  


Ember´s POV

"Hey" i said. He looked even hotter than he normally did. Dont know why.

"Hello" he answered. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah" i replied as he opened the car door for me.

"Where are we going?" i ask.

"This pizza place i know"

"Ok, sure. I love pizza."

"Yeah, me too"


We arrived at the pizza place and we had reservations. We sat down and chose our pizza. Pepperoni. We ordered medium size. During dinner we had small conversation about not so important things. When we finished, i was going to pay my part but he didn´t let me. He paid for me, what a gentleman. After he paid everything he drove to my place to dropp me off. He parked and walked me to my door.

"So, i guess i see tomorrow" he said

"Yeah i guess" i said.

We stared into eachothers eyes for some secounds. I leaned in and our faces were inches from eachtother. I thought he was going to kiss me, that was what i wanted, but on the last secound he gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. WTF? I opened my door and went straight to my room. I drifted to sleep listening to "Little Things" from One Direction.


Kendall´s POV

I was going to kiss her but then i started thinking about Veronica and how i would like if my date was with her and not Ember, so i just kissed her cheek and left. I drove home, confused. I went to sleep with my ipod on, listening to "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran.





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