Remembering You (ON HOLD!!)

15 year old Veronica Hanks is a bullied teen and has no friends. With her sister's cancer getting worse and her other sister moving soon, Veronica is really pushed to the edge. When the new girl, Ember Trents, comes along and is now Veronica's only friend, everything is looking better. But when tragedy strikes, will Veronica be able to handle it or will she be pushed to say good-bye to everything she knows?


6. My new friend.

I head towards my room and grab a shirt laying on the floor. I take off my paint splattered shirt and put on the clean one. I run out of my room and close the door and head to the kitchen. "Bye mom! I ill see you after school!" I call out as I head to the front door. "Bye sweetie!" She replies. I push open the door and run down the walk towards the alley.

I walk into my 4th hour and sit down. Kendall was in this class and I couldn't wait to see him, even though he had non idea that I existed. I saw him walk through the door and I turned my head towards the teacher but made sure I could still see him out of the corner of my eye. The bell rang and everyone standing ran to their seats before the bell stopped. My teacher, Mr. Wilson, walked to the front of the room and was about to start talking when the door opened. "I hope you have a good reason for being late." He said without looking at the person. "I'm sorry, I got lost." I look up to see that it was Ember. She was in another one of my classes, I hope she really is nice. "That's alright, and who are you?" Mr. Wilson asks. "Ember Trents." She says as she blushes because everyone is looking at her. "Okay well take any empty seat Ember." He says. Ember sees me and waves. I kind of smile and she starts walking over to me and takes the empty seat next to me. "Wow, I wonder how many classes we have together." She says when she leans over to take out a pencil. "Yeah." I whisper back. 

The class was halfway through when a small purple piece of paper landed on my desk. I looked at it. It said,

Hey Veronica, do u hve a phone #? Since we ive so clse 2 each other nd r in a few classes i though tht it would b good 2 get 2 no u. ~Em.

I looked over at Ember she looked at me through the corners of her eyes and i wrote back.

Yeah, its 123-456-7890. Wht other classes do u hve?   ~Roni

I hand it back to her when Mr. Wilson has his back turned to us. She smiles as she reads it and scribbles something down. A few seconds later it lands on my desk.

Roni, I like tht :)Thx I'll txt u l8r. I hve Ms. Jillian Art nxt, Mrs. Hall Gym after and thn Ms. Vial Drama.

Wow.. we had Gym and Drama together,

I hv Gym and Drama w/ u! Haha thts cool! Do u sing or act?

I passed the note back and looked up and saw that I missed a lot of what Mr. Wilson was saying about WW2. I scramble to get to the correct page when the note comes back

I act, I cldnt carry a tune 2 save my life! Glad to hve a frnd in my classes! How bout u, do you act or sing?

I giggled. I quickly wrote my response,

I sing but nvr in frnt of all those ppl! 2 scary!

I pass the note and look up and see that Kendall is staring at Ember and me. I blush and look down before he notices I was looking at him. Ember hands me the note and I look at it.

Not tht scary, well I hpe im good compared 2 the others!

I laugh, not people in Drama can even sing or act.

Belve me, a dog has more talent than most of these ppl!

Ember reads it and starts laughing. Mr. Wilson looks at her and she looks away really fast and then mouths to me, 'Sorry, I'll talk to you after class.' "Well, there is no homework for today. But make sure you read Chapter 16 for tomorrows classwork!" Mr. Wilson says. The bell rings and everyone takes off as if the room was on fire and they couldn't get out fast enough.

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