Remembering You (ON HOLD!!)

15 year old Veronica Hanks is a bullied teen and has no friends. With her sister's cancer getting worse and her other sister moving soon, Veronica is really pushed to the edge. When the new girl, Ember Trents, comes along and is now Veronica's only friend, everything is looking better. But when tragedy strikes, will Veronica be able to handle it or will she be pushed to say good-bye to everything she knows?


1. Meeting Ember


I wake up to feel the coldness of my bed. I slowly raise myself out of bed and walk over to my window, which is covered with a piece of wood. I peek through a small hole in the board and see that the ground is coated in a white dazzling powder. I slip into my boots and go down the hallway. In the kitchen my mother is already up cooking. She hands me a plate with toast on it. “Make sure you remember to come home during lunch today.” My mother calls out to me as I walk to the door. “I’ll remember.” I say.

          I step outside into the freezing cold air. I quickly pull my hood up around my face and put my hands in my pockets. I slowly make my way down the alley and after a few minutes of walking can see my high school, Grifffendale High. I slow down and silently walk across the busy street with a crowd of noisy students. I keep my head down and scurry along the sidewalk. I walk by all the people sitting outside on the ground and the fences. I hear laughter to my right and someone says, “Why does she even bother to show up? Nobody likes her, and no one will ever like her.” I slightly look up to see who said it. Of course, Grace Valern. One of the most popular and meanest girls in school. I make my way up the steps of the school and pull open the door.

          The warm air hits my face and I pull off my hood. I squeeze my way to my locker and spin in my combination. I pull out my Math book, my backpack and close my locker. I turn around to find someone standing right next to me. I had never seen this girl in school before. “Excuse me, but do you know where room 207 is?” The girl says. She reaches back to brush a lose strand of her black hair behind her ear. “Yeah, it’s- um. It’s down the hallways 3rd door past the bathrooms.” I say looking at the ground. “Oh, okay thanks.” The girl says. She backs away and starts walking down the hall. The bell rings and a wave of kids run into the building so I run down the hall to my class.


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