Remembering You (ON HOLD!!)

15 year old Veronica Hanks is a bullied teen and has no friends. With her sister's cancer getting worse and her other sister moving soon, Veronica is really pushed to the edge. When the new girl, Ember Trents, comes along and is now Veronica's only friend, everything is looking better. But when tragedy strikes, will Veronica be able to handle it or will she be pushed to say good-bye to everything she knows?


8. GYM

Ember and I walk out into the Gym and walk over to the bleachers on the right side. We walked up the steps and take a seat in the far back. 

"So, you said you had two sisters. What are their names?" Ember asked me.

"Liliana is my little sister. She is 8 and she has cancer. Kayla is 3 years older than me." I say.

"Oh, I'm sorry about Liliana. Is she getting better?" Ember asks me.

"Not really. My mom thinks she getting worse but I think she's staying the same." I say.

"Oh, well I hope she gets better. So does Kayla want to go to college?" She asks. I see more kids coming out of the locker rooms and heading towards the bleachers. They sit down, scattered all around the bleacher.

"She wants to, but we don't have enough money right now. Hopefully she will get a scholarship or something." I say with a sad look. I knew Kayla really wanted to go to college but I knew she wouldn't leave if Liliana wasn't getting better. She had talked about going to a community college, but I knew she really wanted to go to a University and that she didn't want to stay in North Dakota.

"Oh, that sucks. I wish I had a sister. I hate being an only child, it gets lonely." She says.

"It's not always fun having siblings. I fight with Kayla a lot, and I have to take care of Liliana." I say.

"I guess I wouldn't like that, but I just want to have a close friend that I know will always have to come back." She said with a smile. Ms. Hall came out and walked over to the bleachers, "Okay everyone! We're going to be going outside to the football field to play some soccer!" She yelled. Everyone sat there for a few seconds, "NOW!" She yelled louder. We jumped up and ran down the steps. Ms. Hall had long blonde hair that she kept in a messy bun on the top of her head. Her dark brown eyes looked deadly, like if you didn't do the 20 push-ups she told you to do, they would turn into poisonous snakes and bite you. 

Ember and I walk towards the door with the rest of the kids. We run out into the cold air and head towards the football field, when we get there we stood in a circle and everyone started talking.

Ms. Hall came up to use, "Okay class, I'm going to split you up into four teams. So boys on this side girls on this side and then I will split you up further from there." She said pointing to two opposite side of the field. Ember and I walked down to the far end and looked at each other, "Can you play soccer?" I ask.  She laughs, "Yeah right! I will probably kill myself doing this!" She says with a huge smile. "I can't play either, but I guess I am okay at goalie." I say. Ms. Hall comes over to us. "Okay, you guys are going to be playing over here. And the girls from ere to here are a team and the rest of the girls are a team. Now let's play!" She said with enthusiasm. I gave Ember a helpless smile as we headed towards a goal to get the ball and start the game.

The ball came hurling towards Ember and she used her head to hit it to the ground, that HAD to hurt! She kicked it towards the goal and was about to kick it when someone from the other team got in front of her. She tried to kick it to the side but the other girl was too fast. She got it away from her and run to our goal. She kicked it inside and everyone on her team started cheering. I hard a few girls on our team sigh, this was there 4th goal and we only had 2. The girl who was goalie grabbed the ball and threw it out, "Does anyone want to be goalie?" She yelled down the field to us. Ember looked at me, "Come on. You should go be goalie. You said you were good at it." I looked at her. "I said I was okay. There's no way I'm going to be goalie." I say. "Come on!" She says. "Ugh, fine!" I walk over to the goal. " I guess I will be goalie." I tell the girl. She smiles and runs out into the field.

The other team had the ball and was kicking it towards me. The girl kicked it and it went flying in the air, straight at me. I put my hands up and hit it down before it could fully come in the goal. Everyone on  my team cheered. "See!" Ember said. "You are good!" I smiled. Yeah right. I thought, Ember gave me a high five and them Ms. Hall called us inside to go to the locker rooms.

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