Remembering You (ON HOLD!!)

15 year old Veronica Hanks is a bullied teen and has no friends. With her sister's cancer getting worse and her other sister moving soon, Veronica is really pushed to the edge. When the new girl, Ember Trents, comes along and is now Veronica's only friend, everything is looking better. But when tragedy strikes, will Veronica be able to handle it or will she be pushed to say good-bye to everything she knows?


12. Clumsy

I woke up the next morning and dragged myself out of bed, I slowly walked to my closet and pulled out some clothes. I didn't even look at them, I just threw them on. I brushed my hair back and put it into a bun, I grabbed my book s and walked out to the kitchen. Liliana was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. I rubbed her head as I walked by and grabbed an apple from the pantry and a water from the fridge. 

"Tell mom I said bye okay?" Liliana nods her head and jumps of her seat to give me a hug.

"Bye sissy!" She calls as I walk out the door. I walk down the sidewalk towards the alley.

I see Ember sitting outside the school, she seems a little sad. Which is awkward because she got Kendall to ask her out. I aproach and say: "Hi Em! Are you ok?" "Hey, yeah. I'm fine. Let's head to class." I went to chemistry class and she went to algebra class. It was boring. Kendall was in that class and Grace was not there. I still wonder why Kendall would ask Ember out and not me. Not that Ember is not pretty, and not that i am better than her, cause i' m not. Its just, well, i've been in this school for pretty much my whole life and he barely spoke to me daily. He had plenty of time to ask me out. Or just talk to me. And on Embers first day in school, he already ask her out. I had to admit i was a bit jealous, even though Ember was a great friend. I was so caught up in my thoughts that i didnt notice the first period was already over and i didnt make any notes, i wasant paying attention at all. I was asking myself thousands of questions at the same time that i felt a little dizzy. On my way out i bumped into someone and let all my books and backpack fall down. Great. It was Kendall. "I'm sorry" was the only thing i could mutter to him. "It's okay, dear" he chuckled and helped me out with my books. Our hands touched and we looked up and stared at eachothers eyes for some secounds. Then i realized that what i was doing was wrong, because he had asked Ember out and not me. I stood up quickly and ran out of the classroom. Great. I forgot to say thank you, but whatever. I had the next class that was biology and Grace was there. She would say "funny comments" about me during all class long. I was really getting annoyed with that chick. The firsthalf of the day passed by quick and it was already lunch time. I was going to head home, like always. "Hi Ember!" "Hi Roni" "You're going home for lunch?" "Yeah, what about you?" "Yeah" We walked together just talking about the previous classes until we reach my house. We said bye and she continued walking towards her house. "I'm home!" I shouted. "Hey sweetheart!" My mom said. "Hey mom" I went uptairs to check on Liliana. She was reading my old magazines. We didn't jave enough money to buy her new magazines weekly, so i gave her my old magazines from when i was her age, just so she could get distracted. We talked for about ten minutes and it was already time to go. I grabbed a sandwich my mom made me and left. The day passed by real quick. I headed home and went straight to my room. Tonight Ember would go out with Kendall. I couldnt blame her. He was rather good-looking. Plus, she dosent know that i like him, so i guess its not her fault. I didnt feel hungry so i didnt eat any dinner. I just went to sleep.

-----------------------//------------------------- Co-writers note Hey, this chapter was just to show you guys that we are still here and writting the story. Next chapter will be better. Sorry for not updating lately, we wont "abandone" you guys again(heheheh) i will update soon Xoxo
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