Please Dont Go

With her tough life, Alex is trying her hardest to get through the struggles she must face. Her and her friend, love One Direction and they seem like her only escape to freedom. Find out how she faces these harships in this movella.


14. The Rescue

Alex's POV

"I can't believe Mary would stoop so low! How could she do this? And Nick was in on it the whole time!!" I yelled in the car. I was so mad. It's bad enough she does this to me, why bring my boyfriend into it too? "Well, c'mon Alex. We know Nick better than anyone! It really doesn't sound like him, she must have said something to get him in on it." Margot said. I couldn't disagree with her but I just sat in silence hoping Niall would be alright. The boys were coming too. Harry and Liam with us, and Zayn and Louis followed in another car. As we arrived at the house I started shaking. I knew I had to be brave. The door was unlocked so we went inside. Nobody was here. "Niall? Nick?" I called. I didnt hear a sound. "Check the basement!" Lou said headed toward the door. We walked downstairs to see Niall with his mouth and hands tied up. "Niall! I'm so glad we found here. Let's get out of here" I said untying him. We all got to the cars, when I realized I forgot my keys. "Hey guys, I left my keys inside, I'll be right back," I said running back inside. "Babe, let me go with you, it isn't safe!" Niall pleaded. "Don't worry nobody was in there anyways." I said as I got inside the house. I went to grab my keys when I heard a noise. "N-!!" I tried calling for Niall but a pair of hands grabbed my mouth. I knew instantly it was Mary. She held a knife to my neck.

Niall's Pov

She had been in there too long. Was she okay? I'm going in...




~To Be Continued...~


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