Please Dont Go

With her tough life, Alex is trying her hardest to get through the struggles she must face. Her and her friend, love One Direction and they seem like her only escape to freedom. Find out how she faces these harships in this movella.


4. Prepping

It was the day I had been waiting for. November 3. My Birthday. I woke up to Nick and Margot jumping on the bed singing Happy Birthday with my favourite muffin in hand. Banana Chacolate chip, and in icing it said 'Happy 17th Bitrhday Alexandra' they knew I hated being called my full name! "Thanks you guys! But really? Alexandra?" I laughed. "Yup! OMG Today is going to be awesome. We invited basically everyone for a party today." Nick said. Me and Margot looked at each other and yelled "PRESENTS!!" Then we all laughed.


When we got to school me and Margot walked to the first class. Math. When I got in everyone yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" "Thanks Guys!" I responded. "Youre all coming to the pwrty right?" Margot asked. "YEAH!!!!!" The class chorused. In the middle of glass I got a note. 'Excited for the party, what do you want as a present?  Hannah' I replied 'Nothing im fine' but i did really want anything One Direction. Me and Margot are in love with them. Afterschool we went shopping for party clothes. I wanted a casual look so I went with a Lime-green chiffon plaid shirt, and a pair of white ripped skinnies and black pumps. Im so excited for the party!! When we got home it was 4:15 and the party was at 6:30. I jumped in the shower and curled my hair. 5:10. By the time I put my outfit on and did my makeup it was 5:30. I put perfume on and helped decorate the house.  Margot's Parents were on Vacation so this could be a huge party and they wouldnt know. I soon realized I forgot jewlery so I put my Fave pair of earings and the matching necklace. They were diamond (Yes, real) and my bilogical mom geve them to me the day she died.. I checked the time. 6:22. Crap they were gonna show up soon. and sure enough they did. ALL of them.

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