Please Dont Go

With her tough life, Alex is trying her hardest to get through the struggles she must face. Her and her friend, love One Direction and they seem like her only escape to freedom. Find out how she faces these harships in this movella.


3. Normal Life?

It was 6:03, and I was supposed to be home before 6:00. We all were so scared but all we could do was wait.  Just then my phone rang. It was Mary. "Dont answer it!" Nick yelled. It rang for about a minute then it said I had a new voicemail. I listened to it on speaker. 'ALEX WHERE ARE YOU? YOU BETTER BE HERE IN TWO MINUTES!' and that was it. "She's gonna come here I can feel it." I said. "We have to tell Mom and Dad" Nick stated. "Yeah... Lets go."


"What?! That happened to you? Im so sorry honey!" Margot's Mom Jaqueline said hugging me. "Of course you can stay here," Her dad Max said. "Thank you guys so so mu-" I was cut off by a knock on the door. 'Run' Nick mouthed. I ran into Nick's room and hid under his bed. When the door opened Mary put on a sweet innocent voice. "Hello! Is Alex still here? Its time for dinner." Which really meant. She needs to make me my food. "No she didnt even come yet. We thought she wasnt coming and was with you!" Jaqueline said to Mary. "Oh. Has she been at school?" "Oh well here talk to Margot because me and Max are going for dinner." Then I heared The door close. Mary was inside and Margot's parents were gone. I could hear her getting mad. "Margot, was Alex at school today?" No, I havent seen her all day. Is she okay?" Just then I heard Mary say the words we all hoped she would never say "Can I check to see if she is here or not?" Crap. "Yes of course" I heared footsteps in the hallway then she opened Margot's room door. "Not in here"  she soon said. Then she bolted into Nick's room. I held my breth. she looked around and finally said, "If you see her let me know, I will see you soon" Then she left. OH. MY. GOD. it worked. I could live a normal life! Thats what I thought. But It wouldnt be that easy.

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