Please Dont Go

With her tough life, Alex is trying her hardest to get through the struggles she must face. Her and her friend, love One Direction and they seem like her only escape to freedom. Find out how she faces these harships in this movella.


13. I'm coming Babe. (pt. 3)

Present Day


Alex's POV

Nick has been acting so strange. I still dont even know what Mary is up to. Me and Niall have been getting a lot closer. I'm hoping will ask me to be his girlfriend soon. I've been trying to hint to him that I like him. Just then, I felt a pair of hands grab my waist. "Hey, Wanna grab a bite to eat with me?" It was Niall. "sure Nialler. Anything for you!" I said with a smile on my face. We arrived at Nando's and I could'nt help but notice Niall was nervous. "Niall, are you alright? You are shaking!" "Yeah. I'm fine... I just want to ask you something. Me and you have gotten real close and I like you. ALOT. And I was wondering, will you please be my girlfriend?" he said. "Yeah, of course!" I said excitedly pulling him into a hug. Finally. As we pulled apart he kissed my cheek.

2 Hours Later

Niall's Pov

I'm so happy Alex said yes. I have been wanting to ask her out for a while now, but I was so nervous. As we arrived back home we saw Nick standing in the doorway. "Niall, i really need to talk to you. Come outside for a drive with me." It was weird but I agreed. Nick was driving. He drove so fast I had to hold onto the door. "Hey mate, slow down. We're not in a race! Where are we off to anyways?" I asked. No response. About five minutes later we pulled up to a strange abandoned house. I followed him inside. Waiting on the sofa was a woman. She looked so familiar. Wait, she's the one from that story on the news! Mary! I tried to run outside but Nick was there blocking my way. Mary came up behind me and held a knife to my throat. "you can't run. I'm gonna give you a choice. Either you stay here and go through everything Alex did, or you help me kill her." She said still holding the knife. "You are insane if you think I would ever lay a hand on Alex! no! Never!" She dropped the knife, dragged my by my shirt and walked with me down to the basement. "Fine! We'll just get one of your little friends to help us. I'm sure at least one of them will help us." She left and locked the door. I immediatly pulled out my phone to text Alex. I told her everything. Almost too soon she replied: 'Don't worry, I will stay with the boys. Hang in there. I'm coming Babe.'

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