Please Dont Go

With her tough life, Alex is trying her hardest to get through the struggles she must face. Her and her friend, love One Direction and they seem like her only escape to freedom. Find out how she faces these harships in this movella.


12. I'm coming Babe. (pt. 2)

Which of these boys was Alex closest to? Does it really matter? Eh, I will just go for Niall. It seems like they like each other the most. You are probaby wondering why I am doing this for Mary. Here's what happened


~Two Days Earlier~


I was walking down the street to the local Starbucks. I was here in England to surprise Alex and Margot. I turned the corner, and felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. They covered my mouth. No one was around to see what was going on. i kicked, tried to scream and panicked. They took me into a van, and tied me up. There was some rope around my mouth so I couldnt talk. Rope around my arms and legs, so I couldnt move. "You are going to help me; help me with my revenge." She spoke. I knew the voice. It was so familiar. Who? "Mmmhm. Hmff-" was all I could manage. "Oh dont even try. You are gonna kill Alex for me. But first your gonna torture her." MARY! We arrived at a house, and she untied the rope around my mouth. "No! I dont know how you can be so sick!" I hissed. She then brought a knife to my neck. "It's either you, and your sister, or Alex and her little friends." The knife slightly brushed against my neck. "Fine! I will do it! Just dont hurt Margot." "I wont. as long as you do whatever I say."

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