the hayride from hell

this story is about lots of teens on holloween.
there going on a scary tractor ride but its not all fun and games.


1. the hayride

It was Halloween night. A hayride was planned. Just for teens. What fun. A ride around dark and scary farmland, woods and fields in a tractor pulled hay wagon full of hay...and us. Yes, there were a lot of us. Not much to do in the country on Halloween, ya know? We all piled in the back of a huge haywagon, and we nearly filled it up. Many teen couples and several lone riders were riding along this Halloween night to get a thrill and a fright. It seemed that the teen couples wanted to snuggle and the lone riders wanted to rumble but, we all managed to settle in. Not for long.

We took off into the dark Halloween night, laughing, kissing and fighting. All of us were bored and ready for anything. So we thought. The Halloween hayride started off simply enough. The tractor and driver drove us through empty fields and farmland. Then, we entered a road through the woods. All gasped and huddled closer together. It was very dark. I mean midnight black. Blacker than black. The tractor driver suddenly shined a huge bright spotlight that seemed to come from no where on all of us! He yelled that he was just making sure no "hanky panky" was going on back there and we all laughed. It did shock us a bit but, he cut the light off and proceeded to drive. On we went, through the woods. In a while, we were all relaxed and enjoying ourselves.

Then, the tractor suddenly stopped, all lights went out and we were plunged into darkness. We laughed and guessed that the driver was about to shine us again with the bright spotlight. No light came. We all sat there for a while, then, we became curious. A brave teen jumped onto the tractor and said he would keep driving us and show them. He soon discovered that the tractor keys were gone. Oh oh. We were stuck there. He climbed back into the hay wagon as a bright spotlight suddenly shone on the woods right beside the wagon. As we all looked, no kidding, a man wearing a Jason the Friday 13th mask, dressed all in black, complete with a large sharp and shiny knife in his hand came running at the wagon! We all started screaming and tried to get out of the wagon. What "Jason" did not know is that several of the teen boys on the wagon had brought along pepper spray with them and they all jumped on him, knocking the knife from his hand and proceeded to unmask him and pepper spray him!

I guess the boys were prepared for anything and all that "Jason" was prepared for was that we would all run screaming from the wagon. Wrong. After it was all over, yes, it was a joke and yes, we all laughed and admitted that they scared the you know what out of us! No one was knifed but, the pepper spray did make "Jason" think twice about doing this again. We doused his eyes with bottled water and we said that we were sorry. He said the same. Whew. Funny Halloween story, eh? I thought so. All recovered and learned a good lesson. This made the funny stories for Halloween handbook. Recordbook. Of what not to do on Halloween. Funny stories for Halloween, gotta love them!

So, this Halloween, be smart and be prepared for anything. Have fun. I do not think "Jason" will be terrorizing any more Halloween hayrides. The Halloween hayride from hell. At least we all made it back home safe. Happy Halloween!

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