Witch in the end House

This story is about a family who moves in to the house at 3 doors way from the house at the end and inside that house lives a terrible witch that curses who ever comes near and causes terror in there life and that is in any way that the person she has cursed hates so if it was a girl all about beauty she would cause her to live a life of ugliness and obesity while if it was about some one being healthy it will be about someone getting terrible diseases and if she doesn't no there dislikes she'll make there life a misery until she gets board and kills them !


2. Moving in and meeting the neighbors

Emily's POV

i'm happy that we where moving i hated the old house it was all creaky and floor boards were creaking and doors where breaking i was so angry there so it was great and in this house it was all posh wide screen televisions massive bedrooms the big one for me and john obviously its all ready full of all my stuff i haven't even told mum and dad yet she will go sick when she knows that i have stolen the big one just for me and john but its going to be great. But there is one thing i don't like about it round here there is one house at the end of are street and its creepy but hopefully its just the look and not there people. 


Johns POV

I'm so happy me and Emily have stolen the big room in the house don't have a clue what her parents are going to say but it will be the best me and her in the same room ha ha that means there is a spare room for games and stuff so i cant wait.

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